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Not only do you get a free web page, you also get thousands of people finding your event on the “Event Search”.

  • • Here’s an EXAMPLE page, so you know what an Event Page might look like (opens in new tab).
  • Anyone can create an event page!
  • • It goes live right away (then our staff spot-checks user-submitted content for accuracy and spam).
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Got a repeating event? Such as a Band that plays all the time? Or a Comedian? Before creating an “Event Page” you might want to first create WhosWho page. See below.

Create a WHOSWHO Page Go!

WhosWho? is a huge database of people in the entertainment world. It’s similar to IMDB, but  WhosWho profiles connect to real world events, plus expand outside of the film business to include Theater, Comedy, Music and more.

A WhosWho profile includes YOUR biography, pictures, videos, social links and pretty much anything you’d want to say.  It’s an internet centerpoint, linking your Show/Events, Reviews, Job-Search/Auditions and Promotions… Whether you’re an individual Performer, Creator, Tech or even a Comedian or Band – It’s YOUR free web page that enhances and expands upon any websites or Facebook pages you already have.

When creating an Event page, why upload all of your Bio, Pics, Videos, etc. each time? Instead, create a WhosWho page once, then ‘tag’ it each time you create a new event!

Create a CONTEST or DEAL

Want an easy way to promote your next Event or other product? We don’t charge to run a Contest or Promote your discount in the contests section. You just need to tell us what you can offer and info about your product/store.

Soon we’ll have a signup form, but in the meantime, Contact Us at :
Put in the Subject line “CONTEST/DEAL”

Create a BLOG

Start something new – or get extra non-exclusive distribution for content you already create. The advantage is you’ll access a large community of people already interested in a similar topic to what you produce. Because of that, we want content that relates to our general site theme. Contact Us to “pitch” us your idea. We can then set up access for you!