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White Guy On The Bus
Theatrical Play
PRICE: Over $40


Located in Manhattan
59E59 Theaters
59 E 59th St, New York, NY 10022
Now – Apr 16th, 2017
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Directed by BUD MARTIN
With Robert Cuccioli, Jessica Bedford, Danielle Lenee, Susan McKey, Jonathan Silver
A fearless new play by Bruce Graham (the writer behind 59E59 Theaters sold-out hit shows Any Given Monday and The Outgoing Tide) that unravels a complex web of moral ambiguity, revenge, and racial bias.
A wealthy white businessman and a struggling black single mom ride the same bus week after week. As they get to know each other, their relationship sparks a candid and surprising look at racial and economic divides.

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Review: White Guy on the Bus

By Auriane Desombre

What happens when tragedy strikes a hitherto perfect life? When the privileged clash with those less fortunate? These are the questions that playwright Bruce Graham asks in his new play White Guy on the Bus, a social commentary now playing at 59E59 Theaters that aims to uncover the roots of prejudice in its main characters’ motivations. As a colleague describes him, Ray (Robert Cuccioli) is a “numbers man,” and though he hates the title and often wishes to sell “everything” and live a simpler, Thoreau-inspired life, his wife Roz (Susan McKey) has a more practical mind. She’s a teacher at an inner-city school, and she loves her job. Though she copes with the difficulties of her job through dark humor about her students’ behavior and challenges, she is dedicated to helping them, even working one-on-one with particularly struggling students on her own time. This year, she’s helping a 10th grader learn to read, though she can tell that he’s growing frustrated. Ray and Roz frequently spend time with Christopher (Jonathan Silver), whom they’ve known since he was a child, and his wife Molly (Jessica Bedford), a guidance counselor at an all-girls private school. Roz often clashes with Moll …Read more

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