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Meet NYC’s Most Offbeat Artists at Comic Arts Brooklyn
Alternative and independent comics abound at Brooklyn's newest arts festival, November 9th.
Posted 11/08/2013

avatar_b21fbbe765c9_512This Saturday, November 9th, Desert Island Brooklyn is organizing the first annual Comic Arts Brooklyn festival! There's no better way to meet people who are as passionate about comics and cartoon art as you are. So what makes it different from other conventions, you ask? Unlike Comic-Con, with tickets ranging from $30 to $85, CAB. is completely free! It also appeals to an audience that isn't fully represented at cons where the emphasis is on fantasy, gaming, and traditional comic characters. Desert Island is a shop in Williamsburg that specializes in selling comics, art books, illustrations, and design publications – so if you can’t get enough of the alternative and indie comic niche, you’re in the right hands!

Take note that the festival takes place in two locations, which are open from 11 am to 7 pm. Book signings, publishers, and artists will be located at Mt. Carmel Church, while talks and lectures will take place at the Knitting Factory. Special guests include a variety of novelists, cartoonists, writers, and editors, such as Art Spiegelman, Jeff Smith, Dean Haspiel, Paul Benjamin Auster, Renée French, David Mazzucchelli, and Adrian Tomine.

Check out Comic Art Brooklyn’s daily postings on their Tumblr page, where they post illustrations and hints about what will be debuting at the festival.

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Katie Carreno

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