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Shopping Tips from ShopTrotter’s Founder
Streamline your next shopping trip from your phone.
Posted 02/24/2014

There's an app for virtually every task you might have on your to-do list this week, but let's talk essentials. We never tire of testing new ways to make our shopping routines more efficient. You likely have a full time job, a yoga class, and an errand list to think about on a daily basis, and making time to get some clothing shopping done in between sounds next to impossible---especially in NYC, with almost too many options, and so little time to make wardrobe decisions.

That's where ShopTrotter comes in: a revolutionary shopping app for both iPhone and Android that allows you to scan and plan ahead of time, according to your needs. Whether you're scouring NYC for spring shoes or taking a weekend trip to another city and planning to stock up on wardrobe staples while away, you can check in with this app to help you make the most of your efforts. We had the chance to ask founder Bogumila Sobiczewska a few questions about her own shopping habits, and how her app is changing the way we hunt down must-haves.


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Stage Buddy: How is your app shaping the way people shop online?

Bogumila Sobiczewska: The app is created to draw people back to brick and mortar stores. Sometimes, shopping online may be the easier option. However based on my own experience, I can say that usually it becomes both frustrating and a waste of time. (How many times have you been unsure what is even in your package when it finally arrives?) When I shop offline, I'm confident that the item I buy is EXACTLY what I'm looking for – fabric, color size and fit.

SB: What are your favorite places to shop in NYC?

BS: When I'm short on time, I choose department stores. But the real pleasure is finding small, well-curated boutiques, for example in the Bowery.

SB: Which shows did you find most inspiring during NYFW?

BS:  It’s quite obvious what to expect from the big brands and big names. That's why the most interesting shows for me were those by young and not so well-known designers. Noon by Noor gave a great show; Creatures of the Wind was awesome; I liked the silhouettes at Charlotte Ronson's. Katya Zol showed a wonderful approach to wool jersey. I could wear it right away!

SB: Which New York-based brands are you excited to wear this spring?

BS:  Wherever I go for shopping, I look for the brands that aren't present in my country (Poland). I like to dress differently than other people, even when following the trends. In the U.S., my favorite brands are Milly, tibi, Cynthia Rowley, Vince and most versatile J. Crew. They sell well-designed and beautifully crafted clothing. I adore their price-to-value ratio.

SB: What else would you like to share with our readers?

BS:  I wanted to share ShopTrotter’s plans for expansion with your readers, and also encourage them to check it out for their next shopping trip. While the app and site both currently feature two languages – English and Polish, we will be rolling out additional languages shortly, to cater to even more shoppers worldwide. We will be adding Russian, French, Chinese and Spanish.

Additionally, while our database of stores currently spans over 80 cities worldwide, we are now adding our 85th city, Miami, which also marks our 7th store in the U.S.! I encourage your readers to check out ShopTrotter to plan out their next shopping trip, by either going online(, or by downloading the smartphone app on both iPhone and Android.


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