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15 Amazing Destiny’s Child Remixes from “The Writing’s on The Wall”
Posted 07/28/2014

Today marks 15 years since Destiny's Child released one of their biggest and most controversial albums, The Writing's on the Wall. Not only did this album give us commandments for how to not be basic (Thou shall be bootylicious), but it spawned so many hits throughout the years that even now, in 2014 we're still getting remixes and covers to some of the former quartet's greatest jams. In the spirit of nostalgia, and Beyonce's platinum blonde cornrows, here are 15 of the most based and rare remixes to tracks from The Writing's on the Wall.

15. Bills Bills Bills x Glee

So happy this show is going off the air but at least they did this song justice, for teenagers at least.

14. Jumpin Jumpin x So So Def Remix

Do 15 year olds today even know who Jermain Dupri is?

13. Hey Ladies x PHXLLVPSCRXW (Chopped and Screwed)

One of the better, yet more forgotten tracks from the album also gets the Texas slowdown treatment. Y'all ever wonder if Bey listens to the chopped version of her own songs? Of course she does...

12. Bug A Boo (Borneland Remix)

Add a little sophistication to this ode to stalkers and creepy guys everywhere. Still can't get over them saying "you make me wanna call AOL and have them make my email stop." LOL so 2000's.

11. Bills Bills Bills x James Blake

People like this remix for one reason or another. It's a bit meh, but it is dope to hear a male that's not named Drake covering female R&B jams.

10. Jumpin Jumpin x Lugon Remix

So fire. Just absolute flames. I may never need to hear the original again.

9. Temptations x Slim K Slowdown (Chopped and Screwed)

No one does screw music like a Slim K slowdown and this Temptations remix is no different. Get into the bass please.

8. Girls Love Beyonce x Drake ft. James Fauntleroy

Don't Destiny's Child while Drakin' please, no no nooooo...

7. Bills Bills Bills x Harmonixx

Even though this track is a remix of a remix, it's still classy enough for the divas in us all, house enough for the Sasha Fierce that we want to be.

6. Bills Bills Bills x DGTO Remix

Trap version of Bills, Bills, Bills, because relevant.

5. Bug A Boo x Alex M.I.F. (Deep Male House Remix)

Get your life. Get your Abercrombie and Fitch sweater shopping while fist pumping life. Sometimes you just need a male perspective and it's never really a bad time for house music.

4. Say My Name x  Synthetic Epiphany Remix

Perfect for your "My boyfriend might be cheating on me, but I'm not sure" pre-yoga stretches.

3. Say My Name (Official Remix ft. Kobe Bryant)

The God Emcee, Kobe, KB. Just kidding, Kobe's verse is awful but it's so bad and we forgot it for so long it deserves every part of this list.

2. Say My Name x Cyril Hahn remix

This version is bit house, a bit trap, and pretty dope. It has a Crystal Water's "Gypsy Woman" vibe to it. Oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhh.

1. Bug a Boo x DJ Hoodboi Remix

After he dropped this remix, Hoodboi got signed to Flosstradamus's Fools Gold Records. Doesn't get much more based than that.


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A. Mia Logan

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