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Located in Brooklyn
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The Exponential Festival Presents:
By BOOM BAT GESTURE Performance Group
at Vital Joint January 19-28

Performance Schedule:
1/19, 1/20, 1/23, 1/24 @ 8pm
1/27 @ 10pm
1/28 @ 2pm & 10pm

Tickets: $15 Online / $18 at door

Welcome to Blankland, a fantastical world full of life-or-death learning opportunities. But don’t be scared–like the old song says, “When life gets spooky, get kooky!” So grab your plastic sheets and strap on your goulashes for a romp through Blankland, where the sun’s always shining and the blood’s always dripping. Play “What Makes You Die?” with Stab and Blank! Enjoy a cuppa with the Pippy Butts! You might even get a visit from one of the Seniors! The fun never ends when death is around every corner…

BLANKLAND!, created by BOOM BAT GESTURE Performance Group, is a theatrical performance inspired by children’s television and horror films. Following productions at Triskelion Arts in 2015 and 2016, BLANKLAND! returns January 19-28, 2017 at Vital Joint. This newly revised production will be staged in an immersive environment for an intimate audience of 15.

“BLANKLAND! makes the viewer feel complicit in its wildly uncomfortable bent. It’s psycho. It’s deviant. It’s disgusting and yet somehow adorable and totally hilarious.” – Abby Bender

NOTICE: Due to limitied seating space there will be a manditory, free coat and bag check at the door. Audience members are advised that they will be in close proximity to the performers, stage blood, and messy situations. Plastic coverings will be provided. By purchasing a ticket audience member agrees that BBG/Vital Joint are not liable for any damage to personal items.

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