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A Dozen Dreams

The event is free. Reservations are required.

Located in Manhattan
Brookfield Place Plaza
200 Vesey St, New York, NY 10281
May 13th, 2021 – May 30th, 2021
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At the start of the global pandemic, En Garde Arts invited twelve women playwrights to share their pandemic dreams.

Audiences — single or in pod-pairs — wind through a series of twelve rooms built in a labyrinth structure. Through sets, lights, video, and sound, each room brings each individual dream to life, sharing intimate moments that are vital to the human connection that we lost in isolation. Each room and experience is completely unique, with the playwrights’ sharing their dreams through audio and/or video, melding the language of their dreams with a stunning multi-dimensional visual representation.

A DOZEN DREAMS concludes with Room 13, a space for community engagement that lives at the site as well as on Instagram (#Room13), where audiences can share their own dreams as the world emerges from our yearlong fever dream.

These stories are a timestamp of a historic once-in-a-generation event that will resound for years to come.

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