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A marriage that should have been. Or, for all intents and purposes, actually already was. But for that matter, was not, but then did so happen anyway in a way that was not marriage but could have been. Please forgive this writer’s poor attempt at an …Read more

The incredible thing about film is that it gives a glimpse into the literal perspective of someone else. This is obvious, but also goes double for experimental film. Without the rules of traditional filmmaking (plot, character, et cetera), and only c …Read more

Watching Slack Bay is like listening to a stranger’s overlong joke. Eliciting at first a mild laughter, the anecdote trails on, leaving your politely affixed smile now paining your face. Bruno Dumont’s follow-up to Li’l Quinquin runs an unhurried two …Read more

Ever since his breakout role as Cheech in the musical adaptation of Bullets Over Broadway, Nick Cordero has become the go-to-guy for brooding, tough characters who might not instantly win the audience’s sympathy. However, through his nuanced, sensiti …Read more

Midtown isn’t New York’s only neighborhood for great theater. In this installment of thEATer, we interviewed Broadway veteran Jenny Jules, who is currently starring in Mfoniso Udofia’s Sojourners and Her Portmanteau, playing in rep at New York Theate …Read more

Women’s bodies have been put on display and fetishized throughout history. In the thought-provoking Venus, now playing at the Signature Theatre, playwright Suzan-Lori Parks explores the mania that a particular female body type engenders. Venus tells …Read more

Audience members arriving for Ain Gordon’s Radicals in Miniature at the Baryshnikov Arts Center are greeted by a stage on which twelve seemingly haphazardly-placed computer screens display small, flickering images of people and objects. Screens onsta …Read more

Cagebirds, the David Campton play written in 1972, is as auspicious today as it ever was. Six women, representing as many walks of life as the subway platform at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station, are in a locked room together, each absorbed in her own p …Read more

From Imperial Russia to Neverland and Sherwood Forest, costume designer Paloma Young has become the go-to woman for clothes that can evoke fantasy while being grounded in reality. Her work can be currently seen on Broadway in Bandstand and Natasha, P …Read more

The Hippopotamus, will debut in U.S. theaters starting on June 15, 2017

According to program notes for Mint Theater Company’s new production of A.A. Milne’s 1922 play The Lucky One, the British playwright (and, of course, creator of the “Pooh” books) had a distant relationship with his oldest brother Barry and an “equall …Read more

Rachel Berger is a working actor who was tired of having meeting in cafes, parks and libraries, which is why she decided the best way to find a space for her creativity to blossom was to set one up herself. She created The Artist Co-Op (500 West 52nd …Read more

Jean Anouilh’s Antigone is less widely known than Sophocles’ Antigone. But Anouilh’s “adaptation” of the classic Greek tragedy is an important work in itself. Written by a Frenchman during Nazi occupation of France, Anouilh’s Antigone is in some ways …Read more

In the beginning of Secret, illusionist Derren Brown tells you that he will lie to you. He also tells you that he is neither magic nor psychic. By the end of the show you may be forgiven for the notion that the latter statement is one of the lies abo …Read more

International artist and performer Migguel Anggelo returns to Joe’s Pub this May with a new show, So Close: Love & Hate, that explores the human condition in an exciting and emotional way. Anggelo draws on his life experience as a Venezuelan-born …Read more

New York is filled with amazing, talented people. Often they struggle for years, and once in a while they get a break and become an ‘overnight success’. One of these talented people is Kim Maresca. I first saw her at a small, basement show a few year …Read more

It’s been 42 years since the musical adaptation of A Raisin in the Sun was last produced in New York City, so here’s 42 reasons why the Astoria Performing Arts Center revival is essential. In 1974, Raisin, the musical version of Lorraine Hansberry’s …Read more

The Commune opens with a polished, middle-aged couple and their teenage daughter touring a mansion. We soon learn that the father, Eric, (Ulrich Thomsen), inherited this dour and cavernous house, and his wife, Anna, (Trine Dyrholm) is angling to move …Read more

We spoke to Jarkko Lahti who plays a famous Finnish boxer in the award winning The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki. In 1962, small town Finnish boxer Olli Mäki (Jarkko Lahti) had a shot at World Featherweight title when he faced American Davey …Read more

Enda Walsh wants to mess with your mood swings by creating non-linear, atmospheric works for you to interpret. It is entirely up to you what you make of it. Walsh will not hold himself responsible. The emphasis, or so it seems, is on how it makes you …Read more

Last year, RADIOTHEATRE sold out its Edgar Allan Poe Festival, and this year, their celebration of the master of horror is back. Inspired by old-time radio shows and the Pulp Fiction Era, RADIOTHEATRE reinvents storytelling using lighting, sound, spe …Read more

The Olivier Award-winning mastermind behind Matilda is at it again! Yes, composer Tim Minchin, the man who made a splash on the New York scene teaching us “sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty,” is now back on the Main Stem letting us that “ …Read more

Cutting-edge theater, or in this case, biting-edge theater, is all about taking risks. What’s new and different about Dan Ruth’s A Life Behind Bars is both his deep honesty in portraying a quarter-century dive into a life of booze, and also his inven …Read more

For a limited run, you can catch the amazing queen of Broadway, Chita Rivera, and at the same time experience one of New York’s most special venues, Café Carlyle. Let’s first talk about the venue: Located in the Carlyle hotel, the Café is a series of …Read more

ENCOMPASS NEW OPERA THEATRE presents PARADIGM SHIFTS: Music and Film Festival James Chapel at Union Theological Seminary …Read more

FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade is proud to present the third annual Queerly, a festival seen through lavender-colored gla …Read more

A chronicle of my experience at James Scruggs’ 3/Fifths running at 3-Legged Dog through May 28th. 06:50 PM – I arrive at 3LD and am told to sit and wait by where the blind woman (Catherine Braxton) is. Once the carnival is open I have to stand in fro …Read more

The Downtown Urban Arts Festival brings six weeks of multi-disciplinary cultural offerings to lower Manhattan, including theater, film, music and poetry. We caught up with the theater artists whose work will be featured this week at Cherry Lane Theat …Read more

Part historical tour, part virtual reality, and part street performance, The Downtown Experience (powered by The Ride) is an imaginative ride through the history of Downtown Manhattan, beginning with the story of the island’s first Native American in …Read more

There is a particular prop set up in Joe Orton’s Entertaining Mr. Sloane that vividly distills both the essence of the play and the essential spirit of the playwright. One of the characters brings it out just before the darkest elements of the story …Read more

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