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Belle Looks Back at 24 Years of 'Beauty and the Beast'

On April 18, 1994, Beauty and the Beast opened on Broadway, forever changing the landscape of what a movie adaptation could be like onstage. The show expanded on the story of the beloved animated classic (itself another landmark achievement when it o …Read more

Comedian Maureen Langan's Uproarious View on America

What’s an ethical person to do in the era of instant celebrity and a tweeting president?  How can a good Irish Catholic girl from New Jersey, daughter of the titular South Bronx garbageman and an Irish immigrant mother, compete with the Kardashians a …Read more

Do You Remember the New York Club Scene of the 1990s?

Directed by Tony White, Nailed, the latest work by Chuck Orsland, takes audiences back to the New York of the 1990s, exploring how things went down in the club world in the days before the Internet. Danny Fortunato (Jason Utnick), a young club owner, …Read more

The Working Class as a Fuel to Create Cinema

The charm associated with Jean-Luc Godard’s early films like Breathless and Band of Outsiders turned into something more formally challenging in the political works he did after the failed revolution of 1968, several of the films he made during this …Read more

Will Broadway's 'Mean Girls' Musical Satisfy Fans of the Original?

It’s time to bust out your spike heels and sharpen your claws because Mean Girls — the musical adaptation of Tina Fey’s hit 2004 film about high school cliques, bullying, and the competitive nature of female friendships — has arrived on Broadway, a …Read more

Basil Twist's Puppet Show Inside an Aquarium Boggles the Mind

Twenty years ago, master puppeteer Basil Twist created and staged a gorgeous underwater dreamscape called Symphonie Fantastique. The concept alone, a puppet show inside an aquarium, is enough to boggle the mind. It turns out the execution is even mor …Read more

How Our Nation's Unending Gun Violence Propelled Lindsey Ferrentino's New Play

Lindsey Ferrentino is one of the busiest playwrights in New York. She currently has not one but two plays running in the city – This Flat Earth at Playwrights Horizons and Amy and the Orphans at Roundabout Theatre. Both couldn’t be more different. I …Read more

Sharon Washington's Magical Tale of Living at the New York Public Library

Theater director Maria Mileaf is back at Primary Stages for a third time with the production Feeding the Dragon, written and performed by theater and television veteran Sharon Washington. Feeding the Dragon is about Ms. Washington’s childhood growing …Read more

Can the Emmy-winning Dan Lauria Save 'The Stone Witch'?

Thank goodness Dan Lauria was in this play. The simple and underwhelming storyline by award-winning playwright Shem Bitterman found only a scattering of amusing moments with some clever quips scattered here and there. The Stone Witch, now playing at …Read more

I Grew Up with 'Mean Girls' and the Girls Grew Up With Me

With its playful, wicked, take on high school power dynamics, Mean Girls (dir. Mark Waters, 2004) supplied an entire generation with gif-able catchphrases. Fourteen years after the film’s release Regina George finally strutted her way to Broadway, in …Read more

How an Oscar-winning Film Has Made Its Way to the Stage

International theater director Karin Coonrod has a fierce commitment to whatever text she is working with, whether it is the drama of Shakespeare, the stories of Flannery O’Connor or the poetry of Walt Whitman. Her work has been seen at The Public Th …Read more

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Revive Lee Blessing's Pulitzer- and Tony-nominated Cold War Drama

The Barrow Group has done it again, this time delving into Lee Blessing’s brilliant two-hander, A Walk in the Woods, with a beautifully mounted, well-acted production that satisfies the senses and challenges the intellect. The idea presented by Bless …Read more

Sepideh Moafi is a Master at Subverting Seduction and Sex

We talked to Sepideh Moafi about her dual roles in the new musical One Thousand Nights and One Day, as well as her work in The Deuce and Falling Water. Why did you want to play your characters in One Thousand Nights and One Day? Both characters in On …Read more

Screen Stars Michael Cera and Chris Evans Are Giving Broadway a Go

Jeff is a “f-ck up.”  Kicked out of the Navy and in debt, he’s living in one room that he rents from his brother.  For the last nine months, he’s been working the graveyard shift as a security guard (not a doorman, which he takes pains to explain). F …Read more

The Bengsons' New Indie Folk/Rock Musical Whips Up a Maelstrom of Emotion

“This is a true story, even the parts that never happened.” So we’re told at the beginning of The Lucky Ones – a musical by folk rock duo The Bengsons (and Sarah Gancher) produced by Ars Nova. Coming as it does before we really know what we’re gettin …Read more

Does Jimmy Buffett’s 'Margaritaville' Deliver a True 'Escape'?

“Breathe in. Breathe out. Move on.” Such is the advice the happy-go-lucky lounge singer Tully Mars (Bright Star’s Paul Alexander Nolan), who serenades guests at the titular Margaritaville Hotel and Resort, gives to career-minded environmental scienti …Read more

This Film Takes You Inside the Mind of Joaquin Phoenix's "Gun for Hire"

It’s been six long years since Lynne Ramsay’s We Need to Talk About Kevin shocked and terrified audiences. She may not direct many films but her skill is undeniably first rate and Ramsay films have become synonymous with psychological stunner and unf …Read more

The Millennium (And Millennials) Are Here. Is ‘Angels in America’ Still Relevant?

Tony Kushner’s two-part, Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes is an ordeal. A play to be wrestled with. It is funny, disturbing, thrilling, intellectual, guttural, erotic, angry, despairing, hopef …Read more

How Cirque du Soleil Translates Its Unique Sense of Spectacle to the Ice

By now in their over 30-year history, Cirque du Soleil needs no introduction. Sui generis, they are the largest theatrical company in the world, combining circus traditions from around the globe with spectacle, unique narratives, an international phe …Read more

Why Broadway’s ‘Frozen’ Is More for Kids than Adults

If you were a fan of the blockbuster movie Frozen, or better yet, saw it with a little person as I did, you were excited when Disney announced their plan to produce a Broadway version. In our house we’ve been anticipating this for two years. Finally …Read more

What Would Happen if Freddie Mercury Crashed a Party Hosted by Mozart?

The Broadway show and global phenomenon Rocktopia can best be described as what might happen if Mozart and Beethoven were having a party and Freddie Mercury and Pete Townsend walked in. This musical revolution has spent the last several months tourin …Read more

How This Former 'Rascal' Went From Rock and Roll to Broadway

We spoke to legendary musician Eddie Brigati, of The Rascals, about what his rock songs mean now he’s in a “balladeer” era, his thoughts on the music industry and his shows at The Cutting Room where he performs beloved songs from his catalogue and Br …Read more

She's Done 'Gypsy,' 'Sweeney,' and 'Follies,' What Sondheim "Mountain" Will Imelda Staunton Climb Next?

When Lady Sandra Abbott’s (Imelda Staunton) marriage of forty years falls apart, she finds new hope when her sister (Celia Imrie) takes her to a community dance class where she finds new friends, and even the potential for a new romance. Richard Lonc …Read more

Love's Labour's Found: Why This Company is Doing Shakespeare "En Español"

We attended a rehearsal of To be Or Not to Be…A Shakespearean Experience, a new spectacle put together by the folks of R.Evolución Latina and Pregones, who have assembled a cast of newcomers from all over Latin America who are discovering the magic …Read more

How Did Dancing Cure this 'Jesus Christ Superstar' Star from Anxiety?

Dancer/choreographer, and Atlanta native, Juel D. Lane has made a name for himself through his sensuous, precise technique and the soulfulness of his choreography. This Easter Sunday, the whole world will get to bask in his light as he’s featured in …Read more

Why Does a Theatrical Production of an Old English Poem about a Talking Cross Work?

“The Dream of the Rood” is an Old English poem about a talking cross – specifically, the cross on which Christ was crucified. Once a vehicle for administering punishment to the oppressed, the cross is now a symbol of salvation, encrusted with jewels …Read more

A Gay Student Pretends to Be Straight - and Falls Back in Time

What is it about: Balti and Jaker are gay 20-year-olds enjoying romantic and sexual possibilities on their college campus. When Jaker asks Balti to pretend to be straight during Jaker’s grandmother’s campus visit, a chasm opens and Balti finds himsel …Read more

The annual MAC Awards, honoring the best in cabaret, took place Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill. Check out our photos from the event below! Photo credit: Rose Billings

The human double has long been in use by movies about making movies, from David Lynch’s ‘trilogy’ of Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire, to Bergman’s Persona, and Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation. Within this category, movie-movies that are …Read more

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