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The Nanny Behind the Star

Ruben Santiago-Hudson was raised by his grandmother. So he did what any talented theater person would do-he wrote a play about her! “Lackawanna Blues” is Santiago-Hudson’s paean to his grandmother, Rachel Crosby. She was Nanny to him but to the many …Read more

Rachna Nivas is finally bringing her prestigious lineage in Indian kathak dance to NYC

As the dance capital of the world, NYC is home to many forms of dance. But one thing we’ve long been missing is kathak: a rhythmic, multifaceted type of classical Indian dance. Acclaimed kathak dancer Rachna Nivas is about to change that. Later this …Read more

Despite beautiful writing and a charismatic Lili Taylor, Wallace Shawn's 'The Fever' still drags

“This play is hard to watch as a socialist.” Said the young man sitting next to me at Lauren Yee’s Cambodian Rock Band: a play about the Khmer Rouge regime. That performance seems ages ago now; it was the last I saw before the theatre shutdown. But I …Read more

ON WITH THE SHOW: Playwright Melisa Tien on how the theatre shutdown prompted her to write for the moment

As live, in-person theatre returns to the greatest city in the world, we’re spotlighting the NYC theatre artists who make it all happen. Today’s spotlight is on playwright Melisa Tien, whose dark comedy Best Life was set to open just before the theat …Read more

Spooky season is here, and with it, a bunch of spooky shows destined to keep you on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re looking for laughs or scares this Halloween, we’ve rounded up the best theatre events to help you celebrate this ghoulish time o …Read more

A puppet show about disconnected body parts becomes a poignant meditation on life and death

It may sound like a grisly horror fest, but Kevin Augustine’s dance/puppet show Body Concert, performed as part of La MaMa’s Puppet Festival, is actually a gentle meditation on the human body, the interconnectedness of our separate parts, and the int …Read more

Royalty on Broadway

To many,“Six the Musical” was the show that was mere hours away from opening night when Broadway shut down in March 2020. A smash hit in London’s West End, the show had already created buzz and excitement and was sure to win fans in the US. But then …Read more

In Worlds Fair Inn, the Murder Castle becomes a metaphor for the atomic bomb

For whatever reason, there seems to be an upsurge in absurdist theatre lately. Maybe it’s because the last two years felt like a badly scripted Beckett play. At any rate, the newest is Randy Sharp’s Worlds Fair Inn, presented by Axis Theatre Company. …Read more

This provocative piece shows a different side of motherhood

In a convertible car, speakers blaring, a woman is breastfeeding her baby when she hears someone make a derogatory comment. Enraged, she gets up and launches into an impassioned speech about the right of women to breastfeed in public. She’s furious t …Read more

A new Byzantine Chant-inspired audio drama tells the story of a young empress' rise to power

Byzantine Choral Project’s ICONS/IDOLS: IRENE tells the story of a child bride from provincial Athens who ascends to the Byzantine throne. Hiding a treasonous secret, the young Empress must choose a side in the iconoclastic wars sweeping the nation. …Read more

How does it feel to return to Broadway?

Language plays a significant role in “Pass Over,” the play by Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu, whether through repetition, ambiguity or cultural references. It begins with the title referring to Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Most of the actio …Read more

Olga Levina on the immigrant experience, finding new means of expression, and using art as a bridge between cultures

While this Broadway and Off-Broadway season is perhaps more diverse than ever before, it’s clear that we still have a lot of work to do. To that end, Jersey City Theater Center is hosting its first Immigration Arts Summit on Sunday, October 3rd. Kick …Read more

Maltby and Shire’s Closer Than Ever is now available on BroadwayHD. This brand-new filmed version of the West End production features X Factor winner Dalton Harris, along with West End stars including musical theatre icons Lee Mead (Joseph and the Am …Read more

Return the Moon, Third Rail Projects’ hypnotic, poetic Zoom piece, has extended through October 24. Live via Zoom, Retur …Read more

As live, in-person theatre returns to the greatest city in the world, we’re spotlighting the NYC theatre artists who make it all happen. Today’s spotlight is on writer and performer Xandra Nur Clark, whose show Polylogues runs through October 9 at HE …Read more

The first season of Gideon Media's 'Give Me Away' is a riveting blend of family drama and sci-fi thriller

Confession time: I sometimes struggle with audio plays. My mind tends to zone out if the action isn’t riveting, which is why I don’t listen to audiobooks much either. It’s simply hard to stay focused. But Part Two of Gideon Media’s Give Me Away had m …Read more

Sherlock Holmes is tired of solving crimes in this meta spin on the legend

Sherlock Holmes may be one of the most popular characters of all time, but Arthur Conan Doyle had a love-hate relationship with the behemoth he created. Tired of his public’s unending demand for stories about the great detective, Conan Doyle tried to …Read more

Daniel J. Watts gives an explosive performance in 'The Last of the Love Letters'

“Do you remember those things we used to go to? They were in expensive a** buildings? What were they called?” Ngozi Anyanwu’s new play The Last of the Love Letters, directed by Patricia McGregor at Atlantic Theater Company’s Linda Gross Theater, is a …Read more

Engaging with this surreal Zoom show is like gathering around a hearth to hear and share stories

Picture this: you’re seated before a blazing hearth, in company with friends and acquaintances, swapping tales, drinking something warm, laughing and letting loose, in an old creaky house on a winter’s night while the wind howls outside. Everyone is …Read more

Director Rubén Polendo's quest to imagine a better future lead him to create a "Utopian Hotline"

Is anyone out there? That was the question on Rubén Polendo’s mind when he and his fellow artists at Theater Mitu created their show Utopian Hotline. To gather source material, they created a public telephone hotline prompting people to leave messag …Read more

'God of Obsidian' puts a fairy-tale spin on gaslighting

When Alice first sees the bridge leading to Nathan’s house, she thinks she’s stepped into a Grimm’s fairy tale. Rickety and covered in vines, it looks like an illustration straight out of Hansel and Gretel, or maybe Little Red Riding Hood. Despite th …Read more

Ahead of her starring role in the West End production of Frozen The Musical, Dublin-born actress Stephanie McKeon is releasing her debut EP: Here I Go. The EP features songs that she feels a “deeply personal connection to.” And making the album even …Read more

As live, in-person theatre returns to the greatest city in the world, we’re spotlighting the NYC theatre artists who make it all happen. Today’s spotlight is on Alan Asuncion: performer and cast member of STOMP. What do you do in the theatre world? I …Read more

As live, in-person theatre returns to the greatest city in the world, we’re spotlighting the NYC theatre artists who make it all happen. Today’s spotlight is on Aaron Dalla Villa, who’s currently playing Mordred in Bay Street Theatre’s production of …Read more

A run-down amusement park sets the stage for this entertaining dark comedy

A struggling amusement park, a tight-fisted boss, and four beaten-down employees. That’s where Alexander Perez’s dark comedy Randy’s Dandy Coaster Castle begins, and while the premise may not sound like a lot of fun, it’s surprisingly enjoyable. Dire …Read more

A night of sharp-witted shorts by Pulitzer and Academy Award-winner John Patrick Shanley

John Patrick Shanley is legendary, so it’s no surprise that his new one-act plays (billed as “five short digressions”), premiering at the Brooklyn Navy Yards by the Bridge Production Group, make for a night of laugh-out-loud, razor-sharp comedy. (I A …Read more

As live, in-person theatre returns to the greatest city in the world, we’re spotlighting the NYC theatre artists who make it all happen. Today’s spotlight is on Katie Brook and Liza Birkenmeier, the playwright and director team behind ISLANDER: a ver …Read more

A hilarious party of, by, and for theatre people

At this point, countless musicals (some good, some not so good) have been written on just about every topic under the sun. But a musical about two people writing a musical? Now playwrights are just scraping the bottom of the barrel. Or so it would se …Read more

'Waiting for Godot' meets 'The Twilight Zone' in this masterpiece of absurdist theatre

Absurdism is a tricky genre: tricky to write and tricky to perform. That’s what makes Edward Einhorn’s absurdist science fiction drama Alma Baya so impressive: it’s nearly perfect. Two women named Alma and Baya live inside a pod on an air-less planet …Read more

A hospital brings two strangers together in this sweet audio play

In Jeff Mustard’s Chance, the latest offering from the Open-Door Playhouse Podcast, two hospital patients form an unlikely friendship. Directed by Dennis Gersten, the audio play follows a young woman who OD’s in a failed suicide attempt and an older …Read more

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