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Micki Grant is always first in line: the first Black to write commercial jingles, to have a non-silent role in a commercial, to get a contract role on daytime television. The first woman to write the lyrics, score, and libretto for a Broadway musical …Read more

  On November 14, the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition presented the 2020 VintAge Award to Martha Richards, …Read more

  Four people. One day. Countless opportunities for screwing up. In the English-language World Premiere of A Day, written by Québecoise playwright Gabrielle Chapdelaine and translated by Josephine George, four seemingly unconnected individuals n …Read more

It was a different kind of Halloween this year-no New York’s Village Halloween Parade, no house parties, not even a lot of trick or-treaters. Many houses posted signs saying “no candy, see you next year” and put yellow barrier tape around their front …Read more

Some types of entertainment work well on Zoom; others don’t. But if there’s one thing that might just be better on Zoom than it is in person, it’s storytelling. Gone is the stage, the distance between you and the performer, and the other audience mem …Read more

Formerly known as History Matters/Back to the Future, the beloved nonprofit has rebranded as History Matters: Celebratin …Read more

  One of the controversial campaign issues this election year is immigration and the Zoom show “American Dreams” deals with the thorny issue head on. By participating in a game show, three contestants compete for a coveted prize-the right to bec …Read more

Like most New Yorkers, I’ve had my share of run-ins with cockroaches. The most unnerving being when I entered the bathroom one night to find a gigantic cockroach sitting on top of the sink faucet. I got out of there fast. In my mind, I can still see …Read more

Last night, I returned from a walk around the neighborhood to find red spray paint on the Black Lives Matter sign in my family’s yard. I wasn’t so much disturbed as surprised. Militant racism in our friendly little college town? Earlier that day, I’d …Read more

  I challenge you to watch The Line, streaming on The Public Theater site or YouTube, without being emotionally moved. Presented in the documentary style they used so successfully with Exonerated, Aftermath, and Coal Country, Jessica Blank and E …Read more

Women dance like primal, animalistic spirits. A female dog reminisces about life before COVID-19. A woman mourns her lover, knowing she will not be invited to the funeral. A wife seeks pleasure elsewhere when her husband turns a cold shoulder to her. …Read more

“Loneliness…is that a sin? It feels like one.” Eden Theater Company’s third and final installment of The Room Plays, titled The Bathroom Plays, takes a penetrating look at the seclusion and loss inherent in quarantine. With clever scripts and hones …Read more

A digital collage of social posts, monologues, and Zoom conversations, In These Uncertain Times, devised by Source Material and directed by Samantha Shay, takes a tragicomic look at being an actor amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Equal parts absurd and se …Read more

For actor Tim Palmer, born and raised in the English countryside, moving to NYC to pursue theatre was a bit of a culture shock. But if his recent explosive performance in Nylon Fusion’s The Listening Room is any indication, he’s adjusting fine. Recen …Read more

A cynical loner meets her match. A young couple discovers a dangerous artifact. An eccentric bride tries to pick up the pieces of her life.And it’s all on Zoom. Eden Theater Company’s new series The Room Plays presents original, 10-minute pieces writ …Read more

The statistics are staggering and heartbreaking. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 1 out of 7 children was food-deprived. Now it is estimated that 1 out of 4 children is going hungry. With schools closed, an estimated 850,000 NYC kids are missing meals e …Read more

This article has nothing to do with Theater, other than the fact that New York City is the home of Broadway and more.  And we heard about a restaurant in the East Village that’s going way beyond the call in helping out. But instead of us talking abou …Read more

In an effort to help the theater community, StageBuddy shares this message from the Tank!   Now for the first time …Read more

Now you can listen to a new musical!  it was performed live in theaters and is now a Podcast. Here’s a direct link to listen at the Broadway Podcast Network: BPN.FM/BleedingLove And the Website: Just as BLEEDING LOVE  …Read more

Leila Sales has created a new choose-your-own-adventure game specifically designed for the lockdown: Ada and the Lost Horizon. It’s a scavenger hunt within the confines of your own home; a real-world Ready Player One experience; and a community-orien …Read more

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Beat by Beat Press has introduced the world’s first virtual children’s musical, …Read more

What do you do when the show you are working on goes on hiatus and you are self-quarantined? If you are a member of a theater union like Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 764 IATSE or United Scenic Artists Local USA 829, you may find yourself with lots …Read more

New York:  The Nominating Committee of the Off Broadway Alliance has announced important dates for the 10th Annual Off B …Read more

NEW YORK — Wynn Handman, the famed New York acting teacher and Artistic Director of The American Place Theatre, died at …Read more

Nothing can defeat the spunky Molly Brown – not poverty, hunger, illiteracy or even a sinking ship. She reminds us of her feisty spirit when she sings “till I leave the rear / It’s from the rear you’ll hear/ I ain’t down yet.” It has taken years, and …Read more

Theatre production company Parity Productions has released its monthly list of Qualifying Productions for March —their p …Read more

Even seemingly well-adjusted families can be messy. In the new play “Grand Horizons,” by Bess Wohl (“Small Mouths,” “Make Believe,”) a retired librarian, Nancy (the wonderful Jane Alexander) and her husband Bill (James Cromwell) have recently moved t …Read more

Are there warning signs? Does it take a certain strength to go through with it (or not go through with it)? Afterward, how do those left behind cope with what has happened? These are just a few of the questions Charly Evon Simpson poses in her play J …Read more

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