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NEW YORK CITY – The Queerly Festival is back with plays, solo performances, music, comedy, and more from New York City’s …Read more

Kim Hlavac’s audio play Penny Slots, presented by Open-Door Playhouse, features three senior Florida women living their best lives. After winning the jackpot at penny slots, they take down a gunman using only a high-powered flashlight and a pillowcas …Read more

Alia Jones-Harvey never wanted to be a Broadway producer. In fact, she didn’t even know it was on the table. After realizing she wasn’t cut out to be a mechanical engineer, she went to business school and managed hedge funds. Luckily for us, it was a …Read more

In 1980s America, Sofia and Jessica are happily raising a daughter together when Sofia gets caught in a fatal accident. Now Sofia’s parents, who never approved of her relationship, are bent on taking their granddaughter away from Jessica. Based on ac …Read more

  Bernadette Armstrong’s radio play Simple Lives is, as the title suggests, not a very complicated play. Instead, it’s a slow-moving story about life in a small town among rather small-minded people. Two elderly sisters navigate the challenges o …Read more

Tony Award winner Ted Sperling introduces his new concert series, talks Sondheim, and explains what a Broadway music director does

  Tony Award winner Ted Sperling has lent his musical talents to Broadway productions like The Light in the Piazza, Ragtime, and the most recent revivals of My Fair Lady, Fiddler on the Roof, and The King and I. He’s also the Artistic Director o …Read more

“Nothing will come of nothing.” So says King Lear in Shakespeare’s weighty masterpiece of the same name. Little does he know that out of that one word “nothing” will come a whole string of tragic events ultimately leading to the demise of himself, hi …Read more

Anything can happen at sea. Especially on a ship helmed by a mentally unstable alcoholic whose estranged son has brought an outspoken, free-thinking young woman on board. Oh, and did I mention they’re en route to Liberia to set up a Black penal colon …Read more

In the 1970’s, Harvey Milk, a gay charismatic politican, was assassinated for being openly homosexual. Using him as a pivotal character, Jerry James, Laura I. Kramer, Ellen M. Schwartz, and Cheryl Stern created a musical entitled “A Letter To Harvey …Read more

Sisterhood. Love. Betrayal. Flight. Weaving together ancient myth and indie rock, Weightless tells the tale of two deeply devoted sisters, Procne and Philomela, separated by circumstance, who must travel across worlds and make devastating sacrifices …Read more

Full disclaimer: I am a John Cullum fan, so when I read that he was doing a one-man show tracing his long career, I looked forward to it. Filmed earlier this year and recorded with pianist Julie McBride, the 80 – minute show featured the 91 year old …Read more

A radio play adaptation of Oscar Wilde's ghost story marks a strong start to Open-Door Playhouse's first season

As the pandemic continues, so does non-traditional theatre. Or, in the case of new podcast producer Open-Door Playhouse, reworking traditional entertainment methods for an unprecedented time. For their first production, the audio theatre troupe prese …Read more

In her landmark book On Death and Dying, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross details the five stages of grief. Approaching it on a personal level in The Year of Magical Thinking, writer Joan Didion shares her painful description of denial at the sudden death of he …Read more

It has been over a year since Broadway theaters shut down, putting tens of thousands of people out of work. As more people are getting vaccinated and restaurants, gyms and bars are increasing operating capacity,theaters have still remained dark. That …Read more

We sat down to interview Evan Seplow, who started as a child actor on Broadway and continues to work with Broadway and national tours filming their commercials and promos. He’s also created for a wide range of clients including Maybelline, Johnson …Read more

'Franz Kafka's Letter To My Father' is a Surreal, Nightmarish Vision

In 1919, German-Bohemian writer Franz Kafka wrote a 47-page letter to his father. It was never delivered. Now, in 2021, James Rutherford and Michael Guagno have created a one-man cinematic show from the text of Kafka’s letter. Presented by M-34, Fran …Read more

This Intimate Dream Journey is Lyrical Theatre at its Finest

Bobby is an introspective radio host who has four listeners, an obsession with death, and a hatred for the 6th of November. The latter is understandable, since his grandparents all died in four subsequent years on the 6th of November. (He gives all t …Read more

These one-act plays speak to the weird time in which we find ourselves right now

We’re now in a weird stage of the pandemic where some of us are wondering if we’ve lost the ability to socialize in person, some are breaking quarantine habits in favor of not losing it, and some of us are actually…well, losing it. That’s more or l …Read more

Amid a Pandemic and Other Disasters, This Award Honors Women Who Keep Creating

Every three years, the Gilder/Coigney International Theatre Award Program honors theatre women around the world. Founded in 2011, the Award promotes greater visibility for female theatre artists, supports cross-country connections, and recognizes the …Read more

New York – The Lucille Lortel Theatre today announces its upcoming guest lineup for its popular “Live at The Lortel” vir …Read more

New York, NY — The award-winning and critically-acclaimed New York City Children’s Theater (NYCCT) debuted Creative Clu …Read more

  The New Ohio Theatre will co-present The Cherry Artists’ Collective’s English-language Premiere of Hotel Good Luc …Read more


The OBIE Award winning The Fire This Time Festival (TFTT), which has been amplifying the voice of the playwrights from t …Read more

A collective of 13 theater groups and artists from across the globe will join forces for POST THEATRICAL, a festival of …Read more

Harlem9, Harlem Stage, and The Lucille Lortel Theatre (co-producers) proudly announce “CONSEQUENCES” – an inaugural, com …Read more

Eric Walton, whose one-man show Esoterica was a long-running hit Off-Broadway and a London Time’s Critic’s Pick, will co …Read more

“Live at The Lortel” brings you live YouTube interviews with artists and performers. The 2021 lineup kicked off with Whi …Read more

Cabaret favorite, Kim Smith, returns to the stage this Christmas – even if he can only be watched from the internet, he’s still not to be missed. He’s performing a livestream from Club Cumming (Alan Cumming’s downtown venue) along with pianist Tracy …Read more

Everything old can be new again with creativity. The question is how to make the traditional relevant and, more importantly, how to attract paying viewers. John Caird and Paul Gordon collaborated to create Little Miss Scrooge, a combination of Charle …Read more

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