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Who is Jonah?

Who is Jonah? Is he the awkward, bumbling sweet young man infatuated with Ana (Gabby Beans) or is he symbolic of something more? During the first part of the Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of “Jonah,” I was charmed by him (newcomer Hagan Oli …Read more

Though we understand their circumstances may have been a bit different, like Oliver and his clan of orphan boys, we’ve all fallen into a daze dreaming of “food, glorious food” at one point or another. After all, it’s been said that food is the great …Read more

Anti-Semitism Throughout the Ages

Towards the end of “A Prayer for The French Republic,” the latest play by Josh Harmon, Grandpa Pierre (played by Richard Masur) asks his family “Why do they hate us?” Then follows a lengthy series of one-liners as each of the family enumerates reason …Read more

Family Ties and Hidden Secrets

Every family has its baggage but the Layayette family seems to have more than most. Secrets, resentment, and anger all surface with the death of the patriarch of the family as the three siblings, Toni, Beau and Frank, converge over a long weekend in …Read more

An Homage to the Cuban Artists of Yesterday

It’s the 1950’s, and the Cuban revolution is heating up outside, but the music inside the Buena Vista Social Club is even hotter. While the social club is defunct, the Cuban music remains. The performance of Buena Vista Social Club at the Linda Gross …Read more

Funny But True

I saw three shows during my busman’s holiday in London over Martin Luther King weekend. Of the three, the most ‘English’ was Operation Mincemeat, an uproarious musical satire based upon an actual event from World War II. In an attempt to divert a Naz …Read more

Immersive Theatre in London

How does a musical that is quintessentially New York distinguish itself in London? Especially when it is a classic show that premiered in 1950. How can it be mounted to make it unique and appealing? The answer is simple: Immersion theater. Allow hund …Read more

The Making of Hamlet

On the recent three day MLK weekend, I took a busman’s holiday, flew to London and attended several shows. The first one I saw was The Motive and the Cue, presented by the National Theatre. The plot is based upon an actual event, the production of Ha …Read more

Ernie’s Secret Life, playing downtown at the wonderful Dixon Place Theater, features actor Carlo Adinolfi as Ernie, a man fraught with the fear that his son might be missing.  He is a character very reminiscent of Don Quixote, seeing the world throug …Read more

The rising composer/lyricist picks his fave food spots in the Theatre District ahead of his showcase of self-penned work at Chelsea Table + Stage. Though we understand their circumstances may have been a bit different, like Oliver and his clan of orp …Read more

It’s the holiday season, as the classic song goes, and acclaimed recording artist Liam Forde is marking the festive occasion with a snazzy jazzy arrangement of that very number, now available off the Ballyhoo Music label. An accomplished artist of ma …Read more

Looking Back at the Women Who Raised Her

Should you talk to your plants? Science shows that the sound of a human voice helps them grow. It’s also therapeutic for the gardener. In “The Gardens of Anuncia” at Lincoln Center Theater, the gardener is the Older Anuncia (award-winning performer P …Read more

A Musical About A Musical

Who was Johannes Gutenberg? We all know him as the inventor of the printing press which enabled more people to learn how to read.In the musical “Gutenberg,” playwrights Doug (Andrew Rannells) and Bud (Josh Gad) have collaborated to write a musical ab …Read more

The spirited Birdland host and performer shares his fave food spot in the Theatre District ahead of his holly jolly holiday concert at the jazz venue.  Though we understand their circumstances may have been a bit different, like Oliver and his clan o …Read more

When we become part of an audience, we bring more than our physical selves to the theater. We bring our experiences, our attitudes and even our prejudices. When I attended the matinee of “How to Dance in Ohio ” at the Belasco Theatre, I went as a cr …Read more

On the surface, Ali, the main character in the new show “Hell’s Kitchen” at The Public Theater directed by Michael Greif, is a typical 17 year old girl with an easily relatable problem. She’s interested in an attractive young man but her overly-prote …Read more

The theatrical jack-of-all-trades picks his fave food spots in the Theatre District ahead of a fun and festive evening of entertainment at Chelsea Table + Stage. Though we understand their circumstances may have been a bit different, like Oliver and …Read more

Magic and Mayhem

At the “Mind Mangler: A Night of Tragic Illusion,” I hoped to be amused as well as amazed. After all, the show at New World Stages is a Mischief Production, the group that produced “The Play That Goes Wrong,” “Magic Goes Wrong,” and “Peter Pan Goes W …Read more

The singing actress picks her fave food spots in the Theatre District ahead of her acclaimed evening of cabaret at the Green Room 42. Though we understand their circumstances may have been a bit different, like Oliver and his clan of orphan boys, we’ …Read more

What Happens in Camelot Stays in Camelot

Even before we found our seats at the St James Theater, it was easy to gauge the emotions of the audience. Its mood was downright giddy. With so much tension and anger in the world today, everyone needed a good laugh to escape the news of the world. …Read more

What Makes Harry Run?

It ‘s hard to enjoy a musical when you can’t root for the main character. Although he is attractive and good to his mother, Harry Bogen (well-played by Santino Fonana,) is an opportunist, a heel and an embezzler. The protagonist in the CSC revival of …Read more

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that adage has never proven as true as in Theresa Rebeck’s new play “I Need That” in Roundabout Theatre Company’s production at American Airlines Theatre. Sam (well-played by Danny DeVito) is a 70 year ol …Read more

“The Right to Cabaret” at The Green Room 42 on November 4th, 2023, was a delightful and captivating cabaret experience that left the audience thoroughly entertained and engaged. This unique show showcased a talented ensemble of performers, including …Read more

History You Can Dance To

When I first saw “Here Lies Love” in 2013 at the Public Theater, I was one of several people who stood on the theater floor and moved around, viewing the show and walking around as the ushers directed us. At the revival at the Broadway Theatre, I cho …Read more

21st-Century Answer to It’s a Wonderful Life Boasts Two Real-World  “Angels:” Wilson Jermaine Heredia and Jai Rodriguez in Season 3 of  Around the Sun  Frank Capra, meet Jonathan Larson. You two have more in common than you might think.  In a surpris …Read more

Love, Loss & The Prairie

photo by Liz Lauren The title of Rebeca Gilman’s latest play, “Swing State,” suggests that it deals with politics. Although it is set in Wisconsin, which is a swing state, the different ideologies held by the two older characters are less important t …Read more

Evil All Around Us

So much has been written about Shakespeare over the years that it’s a challenge to find a novel approach to discuss his work. Yet actor Patrick Page (“Hadestown,” “Spider-man Turn Off the Dark”) has done just that by examining the bard’s work through …Read more

A Bond of Braids and Sisterhood

photo by Matthew Murphy Getting married and becoming an American citizen are two events in Jaja’s life. However, “Jaja’s African Hair Braiding” by Jocelyn Bion is more universal than that. It’s about sisterhood and a group of women connected by their …Read more

The Times They're Hardly Changin'

It’s been over 60 years since “Purlie Victorious” played on Broadway. Written by actor Ossie Davis and premiering in 1961, the play feels as relevant as when it first opened. Deftly directed by Kenny Leon, the play reminds us that despite advances, s …Read more

A Show to Sink Your Teeth Into

The name Dracula always evokes iconic images of the fang-baring scary creature dressed in black. Think Bela Lugosi. Or the Count. Or even the incredibly sensual heartthrob portrayal by Frank Langella. In the most recent take-off, “Dracula, a Comedy o …Read more

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