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Sometimes the smallest venues/shows/casts pack the biggest punch. This was the case on Wednesday, January 15th at Dixon Place with the one-night-only performance of Marathon, a one-act play beautifully acted by Chiara Cimmino and Kimberly DiPersia an …Read more

  A simple railroad or subway ride leads you right to Madison Square Garden for top-notch children’s entertainment. Shows are varied with appeal to youngsters and, often, even their parents. Some of the upcoming shows at the Hulu Theater at Madi …Read more

I am intrigued by mentalists and mediums and always excited about a play that uses spiritualism as its theme. Even more so when the playwright is Lucas Hnath (A Doll’s House, Part 2, and Hillary and Clinton.) The Thin Place is a total departure from …Read more

It opens in a whirlwind of activity. The chef chops, minces, slices and dices, rushing between stove and counter. He throws in spices, tastes, then adds sauces, all to the jazz playing in the background. Like a skilled performer in a well-choreograph …Read more

Full transparency: I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Listening Room at the New Ohio Theatre. But here’s what I got: a high stakes, edge-of-my-seat, thrilling yet somehow poetic dystopian drama. Inhabiting a space somewhere between The Giver and t …Read more

It’s easy to understand why some people suffer from Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) especially when their clown faces are hidden under greasepaint, false noses and perpetually dour expressions.These clowns rarely speak, using mime and exaggerated gestu …Read more

Theatre production company Parity Productions has released its monthly list of Qualifying Productions for December —thei …Read more

  Wow! What a performance not to be missed! One of the most beautiful renditions of the classic Rogers and Hammerstein song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” you’ll ever hear is in the video below. We caught up with the sisters giving a press performanc …Read more

Ironically, Tennessee Williams, a gay playwright, wrote some of the most iconic roles for women in theater. He created parts such as Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire, Maggie in A Cat on A Hot Tin Roof and Amanda in Glass Menagerie. These are serio …Read more

Macbeth is a play that can easily get out of hand. Witches, murders, and a semi-psychotic title character can quickly devolve into a blood bath starring a raging tyrant, with a side show of Satanic rituals. But that’s not the approach John Doyle take …Read more

A new musical by Anton Dudley and Michael Cooper, Marguerite tells the inspiring true story of Marguerite Bourgeoys, Canada’s first female saint. On a mission to “uncloister” women in the Catholic Church, Marguerite helps found an open religious comm …Read more In the video above,Brian Stokes Mitchell performs a song not from a Broadway show – but as he told Stagebuddy, it’s a song he found while surfing the internet and it’s written by Nikko …Read more

Is there life after Game of Thrones?  At the end of the popular long-running HBO mega-series, Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) was named the Hand of the King to Bran.  Then the show ended, so where has Tyrion gone? Dinklage, easily one of the most talented pe …Read more

“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance….When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great circle of life”  — Mufasa, The Lion King  Whether you grew up enchanted by a …Read more

Long before puppets became common in Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, (“Avenue Q,” “Hand of God,” “King Kong”) there was Audrey II, the star of “Little Shop of Horrors.” In a league of its own, not only does it have a huge personality, it feeds on bl …Read more

Want to keep your kids away from screens?  Take them to the theater; it’s never too early! Often the best introduction the theater is something familiar, a show based upon a favorite book. The New Victory Theater offers a variety of children’s progra …Read more

It’s always a pleasure to see shows at the venerable 54 below. It’s one of New York’s best venues to see live performances.  On September 29, 2019 Baritone singer Isaac Sutton who hails from Israel and also lives in New York, performed his show “Broa …Read more

Some plays are age specific and attract a certain demographic. “Fern Hill,” written by actor-playwright Michael Tucker (L.A. Law,) deals with three couples who are long-time friends. They are considering moving into a farm house together to share a s …Read more

Writers have long been fascinated with time travel. Characters go back in time to try to change things (“Back To The Future.”) and sometimes even meet famous people. Sometimes they go forward to be astounded by future advances (“Kate and Leopold.”) I …Read more

Good quality ice cream doesn’t need a lot of stuff – whipped cream, sprinkles, syrup and a cherry on top. Just enjoy the pure flavor of chocolate or vanilla. The same can be said of Broadway musicals. If the music is great do you really need strobe l …Read more

Any budding young artistic directors dreaming of starting a theatre that nurtures and produces new work should be required to meet and hang out with Joe Brancato, founding artistic director of Penguin Rep Theatre to see how it’s done. Penguin Rep, a …Read more

Creators Kate Wetherhead and Andrew Keenan-Bolger dish on the development of their popular web series, what makes their partnership thrive, finding daily inspiration, and more.   “It’s pretty exciting being a struggling actor in New York City. T …Read more

What happens when a Meetup event about chaos theory goes wildly off the rails?

CHAOS THEORY is an immersive, game-theater experience that transforms the complex science of chaos theory into a series of playful games and stories exploring the underlying chaos of workplace romance, Jurassic Park, and the ultimate chaos: middle sc …Read more

Despite being married, I am familiar with online dating sites. I’ve helped one single friend scroll through her options, another create profiles (she fibbed about her age,) and a third alphabetize her responses. I’m happy to report two of the three s …Read more

Certainly Passageways: Songs of Connection, Abnormal & Sublime, a theater piece of original songs, mixed media art, dance and storytelling created, written and performed by Amy Oestreicher echoes 20th century French painter Georges Braque’s state …Read more

Usually it takes a lot of money, time and practice to present a new full-length musical, yet between July 8 and August 30, New York Musical Festival will offer 30 new full-length musicals. Some will be wonderful-others probably not so much. They all …Read more

After seeing “Not Even the Good Things,” we left Theatre Row’s Studio Theatre filled with questions. Who was the little girl? Why was Bill the only one who could see her? Why did Bill tolerate his toxic girlfriend Grace? However, the biggest question …Read more

Times have changed. Or have they? Yesterday was a day filled with special events featuring female sports figures. On TV Wimbledon featured the women’s semi-finals from London. In New York, the city honored the US women’s soccer team with a parade and …Read more

Playwright -actress Kate Hamill did such a creative job with her campy adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” using men to play women’s roles that I eagerly anticipated her version of “Little Women.” Unfortunately, she goes beyond author Louisa May Alco …Read more

My friend recently posted on Facebook, “I love/hate being addicted to my phone.” Dave Malloy’s beautiful new musical “Octet,” at The Pershing Square Signature Center might provide a solution to her problem. In the exciting show, the composer, writer, …Read more

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