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Adult Sex Ed with Dani Faith Leonard
Sketch, Standup
PRICE: Under $20


Located in Manhattan
21 A Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002
Sat, Jan 19th 9:00pm
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America’s failure to provide accurate sex education in schools is comedy’s gain.

WHO: Host Dani Faith Leonard (Big Vision Empty Wallet, Lez Bomb)
Maya Deshmukh (Fashion Puh-leeze)
Sarah Hartshorne (Netflix’s Explained)
A sketch from Really Sketchy
And more guests to be announced

WHAT: Hosted by Dani Faith Leonard, ADULT SEX ED combines personal storytelling from a diverse roster of guests, scripted sketches, and exploratory deep dives on sexual topics in a hilarious, spicy, and inclusive setting. Every storytelling segment concludes with an easily achievable and practical takeaway for the audience. The goal for these action items: to encourage our viewers to engage in immediate, healthy, and awesome sex. Okay, not totally immediate – we’ll ask them to Uber home first. January’s theme is purity, and topics will include sex ed current events, the anti-masturbation tours that dominated 19th century sex ed, a deep dive into Purity Balls, which will devolve into their own sex-positive Unchastity Ball.

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