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Off-Off, Other, Other Music
PRICE: Under $20

Tickets: $15 for the general public. Seniors and Students $10

Located in Manhattan
The Kraine Theater (formerly known as Horse Trade)
85 E. 4th St., in New York City
This Event already happened
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Mardi Gras is happening outside and the audience is brought inside Antonin Artaud’s mind, where the imaginary, the symbolic, and the real manifest themselves. Artaud in seeking to free his existence from the pain of the world and its violent indifference, begins a retrospection of his life with the inmates of his mind. A postmodern installation of magic(al) realism, performance-art, movement, music, and film, which evokes the full force of the life, work, and lucid madness of the beloved visionary genius of theater Antonin Artaud. Created by Roi Escudero and presented by ETdC Projects’ Lab and Frigid 2020 this February and March.

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