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Artpark & Company presents COVER THE WATER and HER MOCCASINS TALK
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Earl W. Brydges Artpark State Park
450 South 4th Street Lewiston, NY 14092
Now – May 31st, 2021
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Artpark & Company presents COVER THE WATER and HER MOCCASINS TALK, the first in a series of free, visionary site reactive audio experiences presented in a mobile app designed by The Holladay Brothers, part of the outdoor season of the SONIC TRAILS festival curated and co-produced by Sozo Creative, from May 15 – September 30, 2021. With a hyper-local and equally global perspective, Sozo Creative and Artpark have brought together some of the most influential BIPOC voices in music – the Holladay Brothers, Kronos Quartet, Rhiannon Giddens and Yo-Yo Ma, Indigenous artists curated by Michele-Elise Burnett, and DJ Spooky – to cultivate aural experiences exploring the unique geological and historic site of the Earl W. Brydges Artpark State Park located on Niagara Gorge located just seven miles from the Niagara Falls. 

Throughout the summer, audiences will have the opportunity to explore Artpark to the accompaniment of a variety of artistic worlds for free, right in their own pockets – an immersive choose-your-own-adventure. To make reservations or for further information, visit

Cover the Water
Launching May 15, 2021
The Holladay Brothers, composers and multimedia artists, are pioneers of location-aware experiences: they create and map music to a physical landscape, released as mobile apps, using GPS to dynamically alter the music as the listener explores their surroundings. They will kick off SONIC TRAILS on May 15 with a reprisal of Cover The Water, an original music composition by The Holladay Brothers birthed out of the pandemic limitations and during their artistic residency at Artpark in 2020. The initial project evolved into a larger collaboration between The Holladay Brothers, Sozo and Artpark, who have partnered with the dynamic and inclusive group of artists to bring their compositions to life through the custom app. 

Her Moccasins Talk: Honoring all our Relations
Launching May 15, 2021
Beginning May 15, Her Moccasins Talk: Honoring all our Relations is an Indigenous journey exploring the Natural World with gratitude, based on the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address. Curated by Indigenous bridge builder Michele-Elise Burnett, along with local First Nations Knowledge Keepers, Storytellers, and singers who will take visitors through a mindful journey led by a nurturing matriarch voice, songs, sounds and effects based on giving thanks to all our relations. Along the path, our older and wiser relatives will share teachings, Indigenous Consciousness and ways of knowing which emerges from a space within us that is informed and governed by our natural relationship with creation, they will experience the landscape from an Indigenous lens and embrace being one with the Natural World. The path along the Mighty Niagara will help guests to look inward, facing oneself, and using this time to reflect, think analytically and critically, and with the key goal of ensuring balance and harmony with all living things.

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