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Associated Chamber Music Players (ACMP) Seeks Participants for Virtual Worldwide Play-In


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Now – Mar 21st, 2021
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Associated Chamber Music Players (ACMP)’s annual chamber music jamming weekend, the Worldwide Play-In Weekend, will be held virtually this year on March 20 and 21, 2021. Each March, this grassroots event unites people of all ages and abilities through their common love of chamber music in honoring J.S. Bach during the month of his birth. ACMP is seeking chamber musicians to participate in and host Play-Ins. Join musicians around the globe in making joyous music together and organize your own Play-In event on JamKazam, Jamulus, Sonobus, Zoom, or any other virtual music session software of your choice. Register your Play-In at For more information, visit 

A play-in is an event where musicians meet, often for the first time, and “read” chamber music for pure pleasure. Play-ins can be large or small, public or private; it is up to the host to decide. Play-ins are not performances, but some include non-playing listeners. There is no deadline to register your event, but the sooner we hear from you, the easier it will be for us to publicize it! And please remember – the Worldwide Play-In is open to everyone – not just ACMP members – so please spread the word to all of your chamber music friends! To join an existing Play-In, visit

And connect with other chamber music players by:
Joining the ACMP Members Group on Facebook to post real-time Play-In updates
Signing up on Jamulus and adding “ACMP” to your profile name
Signing up on JamKazam: Once you are on JamKazam, look for open sessions with ACMP in the session title on March 20 and 21 if you would like to participate. If you would like to organize a Play-In, create an open session, include “ACMP” in the session title, and list the session on ACMP’s Event Page at: ACMP members can also post event updates in the ACMP Forum:

About ACMP – Associated Chamber Music Players
For the past 72 years, ACMP has provided support and services to people who are passionate about playing chamber music. ACMP believes that chamber music playing provides a unique opportunity for cultural participation and engagement. By creating opportunities and resources for people to play music together in small ensembles, skills are sharpened, communities are enriched, connections are made and lives are changed. Since the organization began, ACMP has helped chamber music players find one another to share and play music together through a variety of networking programs. More than 2,300 members come from every part of the world and share one interest: the love of making music with others. Most recent initiatives use technology to help players connect and provide access to online coaching. The ACMP Foundation was founded in the 1990s and has contributed more than $4 million to foster the playing of chamber music for people of all ages and skill levels. Grants support chamber music workshops and programs for adult amateurs and children and focus on coaching fees and/or initiatives that reduce the registration cost for participants.

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