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Chaos/Absolute Zero
PRICE: $20-40


Located in Manhattan
Players Theatre, The
115 MacDougal St., New York N.Y. 10012
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Will It Productions, in association with The Players Theatre proudly presents Chaos/Absolute Zero. Chaos/Absolute Zero transforms concepts from these scientific subjects into the psychological domain through movement. Chaos is a series of vignettes drawing on non-linear systems, strange attractors and the butterfly effect; Absolute Zero blends the process of achieving a Bose-Einstein condensate with Snow White mythology.

Chaos/Absolute Zero is co-directed by Suzanne Willett, Jacob Louchheim and Broderick Ballantyne. Willett is a Bridge Award Finalist, a Eugene O’Neill Conference Finalist, a Women’s Works Short Play Lab 2018 Finalist and a Fresh Ground Pepper PlayGround Play Group 2017 Finalist. Her play, Obessiah, is part of this season’s Keegan Boiler Room Series. Louchheim is a 2017 graduate of SITI Company’s conservatory training program. His most recent theatre credits include, Salgado Productions Ragtime, The Viewpoint Collective’s My Life Among the Serial Killers, Shellscrape Theatre Company’s Insomnia, and SITI Conservatory’s Adam and Evie. Ballantyne is a 2016 graduate of SITI Company’s conservatory training. Recent credits include It’s Getting Tired Mildred, The Golfer (winner of IT best ensemble award), Hamlet, The Comfort of Numbers, Chekhov Vaudevillettes and Superposition.

The cast of Chaos/Absolute Zero includes Broderick Ballantyne, Jacob Louchheim, Stephanie Cha, Taylor Bass, Olivia Lodge, Jennifer Marinelli and Derya Cellikol.

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