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Curvy Widow
PRICE: Over $40


Located in Manhattan
Westside Theatre
407 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036
Now – Oct 15th, 2017
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Curvy Widow, the sassy and witty musical based on a true story, starring Tony ® Award nominee Nancy Opel, tells the story of what it means to start life over in the modern age.

Curvy Widow takes us through the semi-autobiographical adventures of a gutsy, recently widowed 50-something woman as she immerses herself in the modern dating scene. From exploring internet personal ads and surviving hilarious first dates, to weighing the pros and cons of married vs unmarried men, this widow romps her way through it all with humor and perseverance, and discovers unexpected truths about love, life and sex. The musical features a brilliant ensemble of best friends, a dead husband and a myriad of potential suitors.

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Interview: Nancy Opel on Starring as the “Curvy Widow” in Bobby Goldman’s Off-Broadway Musical

By Matt Smith

Broadway’s famed comedienne Nancy Opel has a long history of playing brassy broads, and her latest, Bobby Goldman, is as brash and bawdy as they come. As the titular character in the newly opened Curvy Widow, now playing at the Westside Theatre, Goldman is a no-nonsense, uber-confident 50-something who suddenly finds herself thrust back into singlehood when her neurotic writer husband meets his untimely demise. Through a series of hysterical complications, she attempts to navigate the modern dating world, as a way to “turn the page” and regain order in her life — all while her husband’s memory lurks in the background. Based entirely on true events — and written by Bobby Goldman, the Curvy Widow herself, no less! — this raunchy romp exudes as much heart as it does humor, and speaks candidly to a demographic that wouldn’t otherwise receive much of a platform. Below, Opel — with dog Momo at her side — speaks to that issue and how it feels to present it, while also, naturally, dishing on her trademark portrayal of flashy females, the show’s whirlwind production process, her own dating disasters, and much, much more. You’ve been known, especially in the more recent years, to play big, b …Read more

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