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PRICE: $20-40

Free. Suggested donation $20.

Located in Manhattan
Martha Graham Studio Theatre
55 Bethune Street
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Winners of the Eryc Taylor Dance New Choreographer Grant (ETD/NCG), Jordan Ryder, Kanon Sapp and Melanie Ramos, will present new choreography to premiere in two showcase performances at Martha Graham Studio Theater, 55 Bethune Street (Greenwich Village) on Saturday, October 13 at 7pm and 8:30pm. The ETD/NCG grant provides funds to young, aspiring NYC-based choreographers to create and present a new dance work.

Winners use their ETD/NCG funding for choreographic-based needs, such as securing dancers, finding rehearsal space, costuming and more. The choreographers are in complete control of their creative process, with Eryc Taylor available for advice and guidance.

Grant applicant criteria included the submission of a concept that had not yet been choreographed or performed; to have never before independently directed an evening-length production; and to have graduated with a degree from a certificate, undergraduate, or graduate school. Applicants also had to demonstrate dance training, choreographic style, and vision for a 15-20 minute performance (including at least two dancers), plus financial need.

“Our ETD New Choreographer Grant is in honor of those who helped jumpstart my own career as an emerging choreographer. It’s my way of saying thank you to those who have helped me when my career was just blossoming, many years ago,” said ETD Artistic Director Eryc Taylor. “The dance community is small, and if we don’t support each other, especially by encouraging fledgling dancers and choreographers at the genesis of their careers, then what hope do we have for the future of dance?” he said.

PAST ETD/NCG WINNERS INCLUDE Gierre Godley (2013/14) PROJECT 44; Eryn Renee Young, (2014/15) XAOC Ballet; and Aaron McGloin (2015/16) AARON MCGLOIN DANCE. All have gone on to create successful companies of their own.

ETD/NCG program is fully funded by a generous grant from the Marta Heflin Foundation. The Eryc Taylor Dance New Choreographer Grant program is celebrating the fifth year since its inception.


MELANIE RAMOS will present “Counterpoint,” with five dancers, three male and two female. The piece will explore the repetitiousness of life with a subsequent rebirth inspiring relationships, opportunity and a new mindset. Music: Electric Counterpoint composed by Steve Reich (Parts I, II and III)

JORDAN RYDER will present “Railways,” with three dancers, one male and two female. “Railways” is an abstract exploration on barriers, and how they affect us on a physical and emotional scale.

KANON H. SAPP will present “VEIL” with three female dancers, to the music of Eartha Kitt and Antonio Vivaldi. VEIL is a contemporary performance art/ensemble work examining the complex interplay between female identity and social value systems, as embodied in the structure and function of a veil. The use of a veil to conceal the female face, mask a woman’s sexuality and to shield a mourner’s emotion, is explored.

The Marta Heflin Foundation has awarded funds to Eryc Taylor Dance and ETD Outreach for the third consecutive year. The awarded funds have directly increased the reach and impact of each of ETD programs, from weekly movement workshops across NYC to original, self-produced works shown internationally.

PERFORMANCES – Saturday, October 13 at 7pm and at 8:30pm at the Martha Graham Studio Theater, 55 Bethune Street, New York, NY 10014 (Entrance on cross-streets Bethune & Washington)

Tickets: Free. Suggested donation $20; For tickets, please visit:

Eryc Taylor Dance was established in NYC in 2006 with a mission to advance the appreciation of movement through creating and presenting original performances, conducting master classes and curating movement-based community outreach workshops. Eryc Taylor Dance has been home to over twenty New York City dancers since its founding.

Coming up! On Thursday, September 27 at 7pm Eryc Taylor Dance will present two repertory works in a performance salon at Howl! Happening Gallery in NYC, in celebration of artist Chris Tanner. 6 EAST 1ST STREET, NYC 10003, FREE.

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