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Evies Waltz Script-in-hand Performance

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Through a socially distant live-stream performance, we proudly present a script-in-hand live performance of Evie’s Waltz, where you can have the best seat in the house: YOUR COUCH!

We will be streaming live from our youtube account ’Evie’s Waltz Fringe Festival’ a script-in-hand performance with stage directions read to give our audience a preview of whats to come for our full production in the Hollywood Fringe 2021.

Carter W. Lewis’s one-act begins with recognizable modern parental fears and escalates into a nightmare. Set in the backyard of sixteen-year-old Danny, parents Clay and Gloria prepare a BBQ to discuss their sons recent deplorable act. He and his girlfriend Evie have been suspended for bringing a gun to school.
Clay, accommodating as always, is sure it can all be worked out with the help of the two kids and Evie’s single mom, who he has all too eagerly invited over for veggie kebabs to discuss the incident.
Gloria, unrelenting, has a different attitude: this is the unforgivable climax of a succession of gross, juvenile, destructive assaults from her son, Danny.When Evie arrives instead of her heavy-drinking mom, she sets off the first of a series of shocks: Danny isn’t brooding upstairs in his bedroom; He’s holed up in a tree on the opposite side of the canyon, ears plugged into Strauss waltzes, his telescopic rifle lens aimed at Clay and Gloria.
As the night unfolds, secrets unravel, discord ensues, and we are taken on a controversial journey inciting thoughts on motivation and intention, and current events.

​We hope you enjoy our unique approach to bring everyone live theater and creativity during the pandemic!

Date: August 2nd
Time: 1pm PST/4pm EST
Running time: 1 hour
Cost: FREE! Donation to our chosen funds appreciated

For more information, please view our website at

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