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FairShakes presents ROMEO AND JULIET
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Now – Jun 1st, 2019
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FairShakes’ springtime production of Romeo and Juliet will be performed outdoors in various New York City parks between Thursday, May 30th and Saturday, June 1st. Directed by Max Waszak, the show will be the culmination of five actors’ exploration of Shakespeare’s undying portrayal of true love, honor, heartbreak, miscommunication, and reconciliation. This spare telling of Romeo and Juliet aims to be clear, honest, and to the point. The performers will drive the text and invite you to bring your imaginations along for the ride.

The company includes Nettie Chickering (Capulet, Prince), Zoe Zimin (Nurse, Tybalt, Paris), Addison Jenkins (Romeo, Lady Capulet), Shawn-Herbert Felton (Mercutio, Friar Lawrence, Lady Montague) and Aryn Mello Pryor (Juliet, Benvolio).


Thursday (5/30)

2:30 PM at Summit Rock in Central Park

5:30 PM at Summit Rock in Central Park

Friday (5/31)

2:00 PM at The Peristyle (Grecian Shelter) in Prospect Park

5:00 PM at The Peristyle (Grecian Shelter) in Prospect Park

Saturday (6/1)

1:00 PM pop-up performance at Flowering Rock* in Central Park

4:00 PM walking performance at The High Line; beginning at Gansevoort Street

*To find Flowering Rock, enter the park at West 72nd Street walk past the arbor on your left and enter the grove. Continue to bear left. Find the trail that leads downhill and you will find us!

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