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Good Jew
PRICE: $20-40

$36 tickets are 20% off ($28.80) until June 1

Located in Manhattan
Edmond J. Safra Hall at the Museum of Jewish Heritage- A Living Memorial to the Holocaust
36 Battery Place
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A sold-out hit in NYC’s 2022 United Solo Festival, this true story of WWII survival is back for One-Night-Only at the remarkable Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in downtown Manhattan. Good Jew features Frank Blocker as Holocaust survivor Henryk Altman and is co-authored with his late partner Murray Scott Changar. Based on multiple interviews with Mr. Changar’s late father, this solo play is directed by Jamibeth Margolis, granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, and produced by Peculiar Works Project.

Welcome to Henry Altman’s St. Louis den, 1986, where he reveals extraordinary adventures of survival during the Holocaust. He’s a man of quick wit, many skills, and the ability to speak four languages. Coming from the Warsaw ghetto, he escaped the Treblinka death-camp (twice!), joined the Resistance, blew up trains, and played cat-and-mouse with the SS throughout WWII. There will never be enough stories of Holocaust survival, but there are none like the ones of Henryk Altman.

He navigated World War II using false papers, ingenuity, guile, and was blessed with a lot of luck. He traveled through Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Denmark, even passing through Germany at the height of the war. Continually avoiding and denying his own heritage, Henryk’s journey offers a much-needed historical perspective, as he gets away with… well, a lot of things. Good Jew offers hope and humor while keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. But Henry doesn’t see himself as good; no one survives war by being good.

Good Jew will be performed ONE NIGHT ONLY on Thursday, June 6, 2023, 7:00pm EDT, at the Edmond J. Safra Hall, 36 Battery Place, New York, NY. The show runs 70 minutes, and $36.00 tickets are available at For more information visit:

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