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I’m not playing
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In addition to the Fringe admission, WHO’S LOUIS? suggests an optional donation of $5 towards the company.

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Now – Aug 9th, 2020
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​WHO’S LOUIS?, a performance art collective based in NYC, ​is proud to present its world premiere of I’m not playing, an interactive digital installation co-written, co-designed, and co-directed collectively—as part of the Great Salt Lake and Minnesota Fringe Festivals.

Originally from Salt Lake City, WHO’S LOUIS? devises work that deconstructs and reconstitutes imagined worlds, lived realities, and surface-level assumptions. We seek to open up new artistic avenues and acknowledge the history and importance of theatre and performance. We exist to challenge normalcy in spaces of complacency, to support and center the voices of the oppressed, and to question tradition.

“We’ve built a JavaScript webapp hosted on our company website that controls a video player, allowing the audience to click thumb nails and change views. Audiences can change who they are viewing and go back and watch a different track if they so choose,” says Dominic Zappala, co-artistic and technical director. “Different tracks will provide different insights and reveal secrets one might not hear if they watched from one viewpoint the entire time.”

Jeremy and Jess broke up last night. Jess is ready to leave him, but Jeremy isn’t convinced; meanwhile, Caitlyn and Dev mediate and miscommunicate. This digital installation gives audiences the option to choose their viewpoint as they unravel the tight-knit relationships of these four roommates whose feelings may prove more powerful than their wit. Developed as an opportunity to incubate and explore a brand-new medium, WHO’S LOUIS? tackles the complicated dance of choice, cohabitation, and game night.

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