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Immense Joy
Off-Bway, Off-Off
PRICE: Under $20

Tickets start at $15, with pay-what-you-can tiers.

Located in Manhattan
The Tank
312 W. 36th st.
This Event already happened
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“Immense Joy,” a new work devised and directed by downtown luminary Anna Kohler in collaboration with performers Natalia de Campos, Justin Gordon, John Hagan, Fabio Tavares, and associate director Caleb Hammond. The piece was inspired by the writings of the Brazilian author Clarise Lispector. In Kohler’s interpretation, the literary material intertwines with personal remembrances and manifestos, the physical reality encounters its own recorded image, and the titular “immense joy” clashes with deep sadness and irony as the performers guide the audiences through a series of multimedia vignettes as poetic and chaotic as life itself.

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