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Nai-Ni Chen The Bridge Dance Classes, August 15-17


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Now – Aug 17th, 2022
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Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company announces The Bridge Virtual Dance Institute of boundary-breaking dance experiences Free One-Hour Company Classes on Zoom Open to All Dancers at an Intermediate to Advanced Level August 15 & 17, 2022. Interested dancers can join the class by registering here:

The Bridge Class schedule:
Monday, August 15, 2022 | Andy Chiang (Tai Chi and Qi Gong)
Embrace the Yin and Yang through Tai Chi, a gentle exercise that helps you to move with focus and purpose. We will begin the class with a Qi Gong exercise called the 8 Section Brocade which is one of the most ancient forms of Qi Gong known in China. After that we will do the simplified 8 movement Tai Chi. No experience needed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022 | Rio Kikuchi (Kinetic Spiral) at 10am
Tapping into the creative energy of the universe through Kinetic Spiral. Nai-Ni Chen’s signature technique is based on the principle of ever-changing universal forces of Yin and Yang to cultivate the dancer’s vital energy Chi (Qi) allowing the dancer to achieve higher performance with less effort. By focusing on breathing and images, Kinetic Spiral also balances the spiritual, mental and physical energy of the dancer. The Kinetic Spiral Technique forms the foundation of Nai-Ni Chen’s style of cross-cultural movement and embodies her efforts to work in the intersection of culture and race, advocating for equity with grace and power.

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