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New Dance Alliance Announces Residency Artists

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Now – May 10th, 2023
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New Dance Alliance Announces 2022–23 Black Artists Space (BASC) to Create and LiftOff Residency Artists

BASC is a project offering three Black artists a residency at Modern Accord Depot in Accord, NY. The 2022–23 recipients are Alexander Diaz, Ayan Felix, and Miriam Parker. Each artist will receive a one-week residency with unlimited access to a dance studio and full living space. Residency schedules are determined by the individual needs of the artists, who also receive a stipend of $2,000 and $250 for travel expenses. There is no expectation of production and artists do not have to present new work at the end of this residency. Additionally, the artists have access to complimentary studio space at NDA’s studio throughout the 2022–23 season. The artists were selected by a BASC Curatorial Committee including Leslie Cuyjet, Lee Edwards, Alethea Pace, Nicole McClam, and Alicia Morales.

The BASC residency project was created in 2020 in response to current movements within the dance community and the movements they are building upon. As an artist services organization and presenter, NDA has been guided by the core question: What does it mean to center and support Black artists in this field? NDA understands the stark reality that Black people are navigating not one but two pandemics: one is new, and one is 400 years old. NDA is working to radically reimagine what it means to serve Black artists right now and to do so in the specific spirit of reparations.

The LiftOff Residency takes place at NDA’s studio in Tribeca and provides movement-based performance artists with a minimum of 36 hours of rehearsal space, a $500 stipend, and two Work Sessions designed for artists to share their creative process and participate in a community exchange. The Fall/Winter 2022–23 LiftOff Residency Artists are Morgan Amirah Burns, Maxi Hawkeye Canion, Ursula Eagly, and evan ray suzuki. The Spring 2023 LiftOff Residency Artists are Juan Jesús Guiraldi, Alison Kopit, Julie Mayo, and Shannon Yu/SHA Creative Outlet. The LiftOff panelists are Mia Martelli, Nicholas Rodrigues, x, and Alexa West.

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