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PRICE: Over $40

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Located in Brooklyn
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Williamsburg, Brookly,
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Nocturnes is an experience that combines site-specific dance, theatre, sensory design, and interactivity to form a unique and fully immersive live performance that surrounds you. It is a sensorial journey built to activate your mind, and you become the protagonist of your own journey into the dream world.

The Doctor invites you to sample a lucid dream as one of the subjects of his scientific experiment. You will explore worlds that relate to our collective unconscious: love, sensuality, fear, loss, death, creativity, infinity, faith. What will you uncover and what journey will be yours? How well do you know yourself? Are you in tune with your inner desires and impulses? Sometimes, one must face their fears to grow past them.

Nocturnes tackles the topics of self-knowledge and insecurity. It explores two alternate dimensions: the rational state of reality, and the open world of dreams. As dreams become more tangible than reality, their distinctly separate dimensions start to blur.

Nocturnes is produced by Nuage Productions and is an original story loosely inspired by the character and work of Carl Jung as well as the structure of sleep cycles.

Advisory: Because of the interactive nature of the show, light touch with the audience is involved. Fog and haze might be used.

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