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Parrots at the Pagoda
PRICE: $20-40

Adult: $25
Senior/Student: $12

Located in Bronx
Pregones Theater
571 Walton Ave, Bronx, NY 10451
This Event already happened
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A drag origins story set to take audiences soaring on a “parrot’s-eye-view” through the life and work of pioneering Puerto Rican musician, empresario and drag artist—Johnny Rodríguez. A search for inspiration takes the parrots across space and time, through the triumphs and obstacles faced by Johnny, a prolific singer-songwriter best known for his output in the traditional trio bolero format, and founder of the groundbreaking El Cotorrito (The Little Parrot) female impersonator show and club in San Juan. Under Johnny’s tutelage his younger brother, Tito “El Inolvidable” Rodríguez—one of the Palladium eras “big three” band leaders popularly known as the Kings of Mambo— started his career singing and became a leading figure in the booming Latin music scene of the 1940’s and 50’s.

Written by Pregones/PRTT Associate Artistic Director Jorge B. Merced and featuring original music by Ricardo Pons with performances by Pregones/PRTT’s all-Latiné acting and music ensemble, Parrots at The Pagoda will have a limited two-week run at Pregones Theater on 575 Walton Avenue, The Bronx, June 20-29, 2024.

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