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Party Face
PRICE: Over $40

Center Seating: $89.00
Side Seating: $59.00
Far Wall Seating: $39.00
Premium Seating: $129.00

Located in Manhattan
Manhattan Theatre Club Stage II at New York City Center
131 W. 55th St, New York, NY 10023
Now – Apr 8th, 2018
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You’re invited to a party that’s full of surprises. Watch as careful plans are upended when a young woman’s mother brings her own food to her daughter’s party—and also the “right” person to be her daughter’s new best friend. They put on their “party faces” and hope for the best, but when facades crack, secrets spill. Tears sprinkle and laughter roars as their revelry leads to revelations.

PARTY FACE, featuring Academy Award-Winning Actress Hayley Mills (“Pollyanna”, “The Parent Trap”), written by Isobel Mahon (“Glenroe,” “Fair City”), and directed by Amanda Bearse (“Married…With Children”), is coming to City Center direct from Ireland where it continues to receive standing ovations in sold-out theaters. Come see this hilarious and bitingly honest play about the lengths we go to convince people we’ve got it all together—and the love and acceptance we find once we allow the truth to expose our imperfectly perfect selves. It’s an invitation to celebrate life that you don’t want to miss

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Interview: ‘The Parent Trap’ Legend Hayley Mills on Fate, Comedic Timing, and Putting on the Perfect ‘Party Face’

By Jose Solis

Beloved screen icon Hayley Mills, of The Parent Trap and Pollyanna fame, is back on the New York stage with Party Face, a female driven comedy by Isobel Mahon, in which Mills plays Carmel, the not-always-very-nice mother of Mollie Mae (Gina Costigan), a woman trying to make sense of her life after attempting suicide. Mills delivers her lines with gusto, and her comedic timing could very well spark fireworks, but there’s also something quite moving about the moments in which we see Carmel listening to others. It’s like she talks only because she’s afraid to truly be heard. Even though Mills is best known for the Disney heroines of her youth, she’s the rare actor who transitioned into having a successful career as an adult. She’s done plays, musicals, comedy, drama and as shown in Party Face she always has another card up her sleeve. We talked to the legendary actress about her impeccable comedic timing, being Pollyanna in a dire world, and how fate has often been her ally. Carmel is such a fun character. She’s not always easy to like though, so I’d like to hear how you fell in love with her. I was touched by her, I understood her. She also made me laugh and I loved the idea of doing …Read more

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