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Pizza Man
PRICE: Under $20

Tickets are $15 plus surcharge

Located in Manhattan
The Producers Club…358 w. 44th st
358 w. 44th st nyc
This Event already happened
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“Pizza Man”, Darlene Craviotto’s prescient dark comedy, will play at Producers Club in the Sonnet Theater (358 W. 44th Street in The Sonnet Theater) starting from Thursday May 30th thru June 2nd. The cast features Shira Hadad, Raquel Gomez and Lucas Niedzialkowski. Daniél Cohen directs.

Julie has just been fired from yet another job for refusing her boss’s advances. She plans to drown her sorrows in all the alcohol she can find around her apartment. Her roommate Alice arrives with another sad story about her married boyfriend having decided to go back to his wife. Alice prefers to forget her problems by putting back the weight she lost to please her boyfriend. Then Julie has a revelation as to how they can both get even with sexist, misogynistic men who have no qualm about hurting women when it suits their agendas. They will pick a guy, any guy to take advantage of. Enter a tall, attractive pizza delivery man.

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