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Located in Manhattan
The Producers Club
358 w 44th st nyc
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Directed by Javan Nelson
Written by Sarah Shear
Produced by Ross Lampert

(Attend a Saturday matinee for a talkback with the team!)

Four Nerds. One Apocalypse. Game Over. In the year 2023 the sirens signal nuclear war, and four friends leave behind their board games and comic books to survive underground. Slowly they realize bombs are terrifying, but they’re nothing compared to what humans can do. What are the games we play to survive? And in the midst of an apocalyptic war, what does it mean to win?

Playwright Sarah Shear says, “Whats exciting about Scum for our audiences is the immediacy of the piece. Of course it starts off with a war, which is unfortunately on everyones mind these days. But the characters are as loveable as they are problematic, in a way that makes them very real. And it forces you to ask yourself, when it comes down the wire what kind of person do you want to be, and who do you want to be surrounded by? …This year especially, we’ve been pulling back the layers to expose atrocious behaviors that have been excused for far too long, and Scum certainly doesn’t shy away from addressing them in between all the excitement you’d expect from a bunch of nerds trying to live out their apocalypse hero dreams.”

The cast of Scum features actors Adrian Abel Amador, Jay Cobian, Aaron Mauck, and Sarah Shear. The production team includes Ross Lampert (Producer/ Dramaturg), Maddy Cohen (Stage manager), Jenn Burkhardt (Lighting), Laura McCullagh (Costumes and makeup), Caitlyn Rose (Scenic), and Drew Weinstein (Sound).

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