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SPOTLIGHT: Creatives at Work – Episode Three


Located in Bronx
Pregones Theater
571 Walton Ave, Bronx, NY 10451
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SPOTLIGHT: Creatives at Work is a new digital series featuring conversations with artists of color in disciplines spanning from Photography, Film, Media, and Theater to Folk Arts, Bomba y Plena and Choreography. Filmed primarily at Pregones Theater in The Bronx, the first 10 episodes feature twenty-two different theater, music, dance, and film/media artists.

Episode three of SPOTLIGHT features two percussionists who know no bounds! Víctor Pablo Gaetán grew up playing pandero, bongo, conga, timbales, and drums, today he performs in Broadway pits, chamber concerts, jazz jams, salsa gigs, bombazos, plenazos, and more. Gabo Lugo is a musician, engineer, mixer, remixer, and programmer, with a Grammy nomination for production work on Tego Calderón’s “Ni Fu Ni Fa.” Lugo’s beats and soundscapes work is in high demand, and when he’s not behind the mixing board or up on stage, he teaches young artists at Carnegie Hall’s Future Music Project.

SPOTLIGHT will stream FREE on Mondays at 7:30 PM EST through October 26 (program schedule below) on Facebook Live, Vimeo, YouTube, and other platforms.

Spotlight Episode 1 – Available on Company’s Digital Platforms – Joe Conzo Jr., Marisol Díaz-Gordon (Photography) 

Spotlight Episode 2 – Available on Company’s Digital Platforms – Julia Gutiérrez (Folk Arts, Bomba y Plena)
Spotlight Episode 3 – Available on Company’s Digital Platforms – Víctor Pablo Gaetán, Gabo Lugo (Music)

Spotlight Episode 4 – Available on Company’s Digital Platforms – Milteri Tucker, Alethea Pace, Richard Rivera (Dance, Choreography)
Spotlight Episode 5 – Available on Company’s Digital Platforms – Edwin Pagán, Melisa Ramos (Film, Media, Photography)
Spotlight Episode 6 – Available on Company’s Digital Platforms – Caridad de La Luz, José Joaquín García (Theater, Music, Performance)
Spotlight Episode 7 – Streaming Live October 5 – Janilka Romero, Chris Cancel Pomales (Theater)

Spotlight Episode 8 – Streaming Live October 12 – Javier Gómez, Juan Carlos García Padilla (Film, Media)

Spotlight Episode 9 – Streaming Live October 19 – Álvaro Benavides, Waldo Chávez, Desmar Guevara, Nicky Laboy (Music)
Spotlight Episode 10 – Streaming Live October 26 – Chad Carstarphen, Cedric Leiba Jr. (Theater, Music, Performance)

All episodes will stream on Facebook Live: Vimeo and YouTube

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