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The Adventures of Seucy and Boto: On the Monarch Butterfly Trail
Kids, Off-Off
PRICE: Under $20


Located in Manhattan
New Stage Performance Space
36 West 106th Street, New York NY
Now – Jun 7th, 2020
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The Adventures of Seucy and Boto:On the Monarch Butterfly Trail
By Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre

Conceived, Choreographed & Designed by Federico Restrepo
Written & Directed by Federico Restrepo & Denise Greber
Original Music by Clayton Daniel Briggs and additional music from the Colombian band Totolincho

CAST: Zulivet Diaz, Chris Ignacio, Hope Kroog, Quimen Sanchez, and Marisa Tornello

The Adventures of Seucy and Boto is an episodic series for kids about the Seucy, a brave little girl who battles any obstacle in order to keep the environment safe!

Join Seucy and friends as they fight to safe-keep a butterfly sanctuary as the Monarchs butterflies make their way towards New York City.

Ages 4 and up!

Under the direction and vision of Federico Restrepo, Loco7 has been active since 1985. Restrepo creates animated movement in an ever-changing and surreal stage environment to address themes of South American culture and history, the immigrant experience, and urban life.

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