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The Shylock and the Shakespeareans
PRICE: $20-40


Located in Manhattan
New Ohio Theatre
154 Christopher St., Ste.,1E, New York, NY 10014
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A darkly humorous retelling of The Merchant of Venice. The Shylock is a Jewish diamond seller named Jacob, called “shylock” as a slur. The Shakespeareans are a gang of white supremacists, led by Jacob’s former clownish servant, Gobbo. It is a comedy colliding with a tragedy: Jacob’s daughter Jessica loves Lorenzo (here the son of Asian immigrants), Portia loves Bassanio, and everyone can go home happy, just as long as one pesky lawsuit doesn’t dig up anything too ugly.

Written and directed by Edward Einhorn
With: Craig Anderson, Janine Hegarty, JaneAnne Halter, Yael Haskal, Chapman Hyatt, Chase Lee, Stephanie Litchfield, Jeremy Kareken, Nina Mann, Nathaniel Meek, Kingsley Nwaogu, Ethan Fox, Eric E. Oleson, Thomas Shuman
Music: Richard Philbin
Stage Manager: Berit Johnson
AD/Sound Design/Assistant Director: Becca Silbert
Set Design: Mike Mroch
Costume Design: Ramona Ponce
Lighting Design: Eric Norbury
Video/live-streaming: Iben Cenholt

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