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WHITE WAVE Dance presents iyouuswe III Live at the Archway in DUMBO


Located in Brooklyn
DUMBO Archway
155 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
This Event already happened
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WHITE WAVE Dance (WWD) announces iyouuswe III as part of the free Live at the Archway in DUMBO series on August 25, 2022 at 6PM at 155 Water St, Brooklyn, NYC. For more information and to reserve your free ticket, visit Korean-born choreographer Young Soon Kim and her world-class WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company will perform a new production, iyouuswe III (read I-You-Us-We-Three), our multi-year collaboration with pioneering composers Ki Young and Marco Cappelli, as they continue to explore the body’s three dimensions in space. Probing the weight of human emotions, iyouuswe III presents a vividly colored vision where movement and mise-en-scène seamlessly meld. This new piece is the denouement to a trilogy, Kim’s extraordinary creative partnership with dramaturge James Leverett, a former Yale University drama Professor and Chair, lighting designer Yuriy Nayer, and videographer Alexander Sargent.

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