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November 30, 2015
Holiday Gift Guide for Actors: What to Get Your Favorite Star-to-be

So your best friend/significant other/sibling doesn’t have that big break role yet. That doesn’t make them any less of a star in your eyes! Celebrate your favorite actor this holiday season with a gift that says “I believe in you” and/or “You’ll get it next time”.

Travel mug, Throat Coat, and Beekind Honey

throat kit

While this kit takes some assembling, it will get an actor through cattle calls, pilot season, and 8 shows a week. Your loved one will especially appreciate Beekind’s Bolinas Eucalyptus honey, which can bring any larynx back from a belting session. Contigo Mug -- $15Throat Coat -- $4.99Beekind Honey -- $5.50.


A Course Horse Gift Certificate

course horse

With over 1,100 classes under the “Acting” category, Course Horse offers a fantastic range of learning opportunities for actors. With a gift card, you can be sure they’ll get the class they need. $5 and up at


A Playbill Pro Subscription


Like LinkedIn for theatre professionals, Playbill Pro can help any actor grow their network and access new jobs. The best news? They get 14 days free! $24/month at


A Metro Card


What’s worse than running to the subway to get to that audition only to realize your 30-day unlimited pass expired yesterday? Nothing. No one will ever be sad to have an extra $25 metro card in their pocket.  Buy one at any full-service NYC subway station.


Uniqlo Sweatpants


Uniqlo has an amazing selection of sweatpants that are comfy and stylish, so any actor can go from lounging backstage to a post-show reception just by adding a blazer. $20-30 at


A Luci Lux Light


Perfect for late-night script studying, the Luci light is soft and soothing, but bright enough to relieve eye-strain. Actors can stay relaxed while they work to perfect every line. $20 at


Sibyl Earphones


These sweet earphones come in their own adorable macaron-shaped cases, and are perfect for jamming out before a big audition. No one needs to know they’re the price of your Starbucks order! $5 at or


Posey Turner Socks


Every actor needs motivation. These mantra socks could be just the push they need to nail that scene for a casting director. Added bonus: 10% of each sale goes to charity, so you’ll be giving twice. $20 at


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Written by: Emily Breeze
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