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Wakey, Wakey
Theatrical Play
PRICE: $20-40


Located in Manhattan
Signature Theatre, The Pershing Square Signature Center
480 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036
Currently Running, No End-Date
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What are we here for? Is time a friend or an enemy? Do we all eventually end up in the same place, but take different routes to get there? This funny, moving, and thought-provoking new play, written and directed by Lucille Lortel and Obie Award-winner Will Eno, challenges the notion of what really matters and recognizes the importance of life’s simple pleasures. (All of which might sound dreary, but there’s a chance this will be a really good experience.)

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Review: Wakey, Wakey

By Emily Gawlak

Signature Theatre’s world premiere production of Wakey, Wakey, written and directed by Will Eno, is an overwhelmingly joyous, moving, and unpredictable treatise on, well, death. Michael Emerson, dressed in a suit jacket and pajama bottoms, plays our unnamed host and lecturer, an accidental expert on that looming formality — “The Highly Expected Event.” Death: the special guest of evening — not necessarily invited, but expected nonetheless, waiting in the wings for his cue. Death: packing for a trip, the destination unclear. Death: going to a party, knowing friends and family aren’t invited. Death: watching the approach an oncoming train. Referring to note cards he pulls from a pocket of his wheelchair, Emerson’s “guy” wrestles for meaning and chews over such metaphors, mixing meditation with observation while looking for clues and comfort in images, music and videos he calls up on a giant projected screen for all to see. He is humorous and hopeful, but constantly aware of time, stretching it and measuring it and marking it throughout the show. He is self-aware but steadfast. “This was originally going to be something else,” he tells us. “I don’t know what it is, now. Maybe it’s s …Read more

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