Aaron Heffernan and Eoghan Quinn in BEARS IN SPACE at 59E59 Theaters. Photo by Idil Sukan.

There are a number of adjectives that spring to mind when watching Bears in Space, a play currently taking part in Origin’s 1st Irish theater festival at 59E59 Theaters; words such as “ludicrous”, “puerile” and indeed “brilliant”. Its combination of puppetry, physical theater, comedy and music seems committed to drawing out the inner child from jaded adulthood. The space bears, brought to us by Du …Read more

Photo credit: Robert Altman

If there were a magic pill you could take to fix your relationship, would you take it? Ana Nogueira’s new play, Empathitrax, directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt, explores the most complex elements of human relationships. This talented dream team holds nothing back as emotions are tested, vulnerabilities are uncovered, and the meaning of what it is to be human comes to the surface through the experi …Read more

Winsome Brown in Hit the Body Alarm. Photo by Theo Cote

As a writer, performer, and director, Winsome Brown wears a lot of hats, which works out well for her current piece, Hit the Body Alarm, a one-woman show that weaves together four stories. Bringing Paradise Lost to modern theater by showing Eve and Satan’s stories alongside the struggles of an actress and a prison inmate, Hit the Body Alarm examines what it means to screw up on a grand scale, to m …Read more


“If I could write a screenplay about my life,” says Choi Eun-hee, the 89 year old South Korean actress, “I would only include the glamorous shots.” Lucky for Choi, she’s the star of Rob Cannan’s and Ross Adam’s engrossingly glossy doc, The Lovers and The Despot. Lucky for us, Choi is also our escape from the doc’s sometimes overly-slick storytelling. The story itself is incredible: in the 1950s, C …Read more


Humor is the best way to tell an uncomfortable truth and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast is a reminder. This movie is big, smart, a continuous joy to watch – and dead serious. Using a colorful approach to a horrifying topic, Palast uses cartoons, in-your-face interviews, and deadpan humor to uncover a monstrous scheme to defraud 7 million non-white Americans of their right to vote …Read more


In Dancer, Academy Award-nominated director Steven Cantor points his laser-focus on one of the most awe-inspiring creatures of the ballet world: Sergei Polunin. Considered by many to be this generation’s Nureyev, Polunin isn’t just fascinating as a dancer, but as a complex and complicated person. After spending time with him, as we so pleasurably do in this film, we better understand his sensitive …Read more

house of yes

A tale of dark family secrets, dysfunctional dynamics, and psychological disorders to the extreme, The House of Yes is a captivating play by Wendy MacLeod that was remade into the cult 1997 film of the same name. It is now brought back to the stage with ingenuity by The Greenhouse Ensemble at The Fr …Read more

Kalynn Dodge, Kimberly Michelle Thomas, and Jamaal R. Clifton in Miss Julie. Photo credit: Gabby Aris

With Miss Julie, the Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre takes its modern New York audience back to 1888, when counts lorded over their manors and the slightest wisp of scandal could end a girl’s life. Set in Switzerland, Miss Julie tells the story of Julie (Kalynn Dodge), a young aristocratic woman who …Read more

Credit: Joan Marcus

We’ve all heard about saying something with flowers, but “say it with soup” is a rather unique form of expression. Yet this is what Ray (Tim Kang), reluctantly, figures out will be the best way to communicate decades of unsaid things to his dying father (Stephen Park). After losing his mother at an …Read more

Kate Weber, Alaina Ferris and Steven Rattazzi. Photo credit: Kelly Stuart

A new production of The Black Crook (at the Abrons Arts Center) marks the 150th anniversary of the premiere of a work that has been dubbed (erroneously, some say) America’s first musical. The show is largely unknown now, but throughout the late 19th century, it was immensely popular and influential. …Read more