We talked to the playwrights and composers behind the shows selected for Fringe Encores, here’s Christian de Gré, the talented writer and co-director of Beware the Chupacabra! (our review). Just how many times did you watch King Kong before and during writing the show? I have actually never seen King Kong. As a Mexican kid growing up it wasn’t a cultural staple for me like for most Americans. I su …Read more


We talked to the playwrights and composers behind the shows selected for Fringe Encores, here’s Brian Reno and Gabriel Vega Weissman, the playwrights behind Loose Canon. No Williams! Brecht or Miller! How did you select what playwrights you’d be paying homage to? We really started at the setting and worked backwards to find best the playwright to match. We wrote the Moliere piece first while eatin …Read more


We talked to the playwrights and composers behind the shows selected for Fringe Encores, here’s Danny K. Bernstein, the talented composer and lyricist of Far From Canterbury (our review). How did you end up picking Geoffrey Chaucer as the inspiration for your musical? I read “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” the first time in my eleventh grade British Literature class in high school, and the story just re …Read more


Ariel Kleiman is an Australian filmmaker whose short films have won prizes at both Sundance and Cannes. His feature debut, Partisan, starring Vincent Cassel, is a richly textured, deeply chilling story of a child assassin who dares to question his circumstances. Kleiman’s voice is steady and powerful-a rare trait in first features. We recently sat down to talk to him about his experiences making t …Read more


Mia Madre attempts to tackle one of the difficult paradoxes of a death in the family: that even while one’s personal life may come crashing down, the rest of the world keeps turning. Nanni Moretti’s film tries to show this by balancing its story between the personal and professional lives of its protagonist Margherita (Margherita Buy), a longtime film director struggling with a leftist film about …Read more


The Walk centers around one act, Phillipe Petit’s 1974 high wire walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center, which Hollywood mainstay and visual effects pioneer Robert Zemeckis enlists the full range of movie magic to recreate. It’s a story that can be told verbally in one sentence, but to see IMAX 3D used to convey the sensory thrills of the act – the dizzying heights, the whistling w …Read more


The Thespis Theater Festival is held in New York City each summer. This year’s incarnation – which was held at the Hudson Guild Theater – contained over sixty productions. Of those, only six were chosen as finalists. They were each given encore presentations at the conclusion of the festival, and th …Read more

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Radical Evolution’s The Golden Drum Year, directed by Simón Adinia Hanukai, will appeal to everyone who has ever loved New York but suspected the city didn’t love them back. The play opens on the eve of 2011. Eugene (Allan K. Washington) has just moved to the city from a nameless small town. He’s fo …Read more

Sonya Yoncheva as Desdemona and Aleksandrs Antonenko in the title role of Verdi's "Otello". Photographed by Ken Howard/ Metropolitan Opera

“I have striven for perfection, it has always eluded me, but I surely had an obligation to make one more try.” Giuseppe Verdi The Metropolitan Opera has debuted its new production of Verdi’s masterpiece Otello, based upon the great tragedy by William Shakespeare. Directed by Tony-winner Bartlett She …Read more

Yvonne Brecht, Matt Mitler and Megan Bones in Dzieci Theater Company’s MAKBET. Photo by Thea Garlid.

If you happen to be strolling in Brooklyn down McKibbin Street and hear an aggressively passionate sound arising from a graffitied crate junkyard… step inside, you won’t soon regret it. Contained within a petite, abandoned shipping crate are the five feature members of the Dzieci Theater Company r …Read more