One of the true gems in the world of New York City off-off-Broadway theatre is La MaMa’s bi-annual Puppet Series, which is now kicking off the company’s 55th season. With a kaleidoscopic presentation of seventy productions upon its numerous stages in the East Village, the 2016 Puppet Series is an eclectic display of some of the leading artists in the world of puppetry today. Started in 2004 by the …Read more

Aaron Heffernan and Eoghan Quinn in BEARS IN SPACE at 59E59 Theaters. Photo by Idil Sukan.

There are a number of adjectives that spring to mind when watching Bears in Space, a play currently taking part in Origin’s 1st Irish theater festival at 59E59 Theaters; words such as “ludicrous”, “puerile” and indeed “brilliant”. Its combination of puppetry, physical theater, comedy and music seems committed to drawing out the inner child from jaded adulthood. The space bears, brought to us by Du …Read more

Photo credit: Robert Altman

If there were a magic pill you could take to fix your relationship, would you take it? Ana Nogueira’s new play, Empathitrax, directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt, explores the most complex elements of human relationships. This talented dream team holds nothing back as emotions are tested, vulnerabilities are uncovered, and the meaning of what it is to be human comes to the surface through the experi …Read more


It’s almost impossible to sit through Ava DuVernay’s 13TH without wanting to set the world on fire. Her chronicle of the way in which African American males have been criminalized, and are in fact still under the constant threat of legal slavery in America, will undoubtedly be called a “wake up call”, but more than that it’s a slap, an angry yell that couldn’t have arrived at a more essential mome …Read more


It’s nice to see a dude-centric comedy that actually has the nerve to suggest that maybe being a dude isn’t that impressive. Bob Castrone makes this point in Flock of Dudes, which stars Chris D’Elia as Adam, a thirty-something man whose life is basically still that of a college frat boy. After he and his mates are evicted from the party house they inhabit, Adam decides it’s time to grow up and ‘br …Read more


A Man Called Ove is a Norwegian film based on a Norwegian book whose English translation is doing brisk business in the US. It is about a cranky old man who is “given a new lease on life” upon meeting his spirited new neighbors. It has the sort of synopsis that comes with an implicit promise: like movies about dogs or old couples who die in each other’s arms, this movie will make you cry. To some …Read more

Credit: Maria Baranova

 I’m always nervous before attending an immersive theatre performance. For someone who has absolutely no training as an actor, the idea of potentially being put right in the spotlight gives me what I can only describe as stage fright. Entering the Brooklyn brownstone where Versailles 2016 takes plac …Read more

Photo by Isaiah Tanenbaum Theatrical Photography

The captivating true story about New York City’s own “dead shot” Mary Shanley, who eventually became a first grade detective of the NYPD with over 1,000 arrests under her belt, is now brought to life on the stage at The Bridge Theater at Shetler Studios. This unassuming, frumpy lady singlehandedly a …Read more


Children and adults alike will delight in the charming acrobatic adventure Flight, now playing a limited engagement at the Barrow Street Theatre. An adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince, Flight takes the unique imagery from the beloved French story and turns it into a beautiful …Read more


The Music In My Blood is a unique and compelling story that crosses continents, cultures, generations and musical styles. On one hand, it’s the story of Walter Kaufmann, a Jewish refugee to India during WWII who gave India the iconic “All India Radio” tune, and also wrote books about the music he fe …Read more