Love Me Forever Billy H. Tender - Videofag, 2016 photo credit: Cesar Ghisilieri

In Love Me Forever Billy H. Tender Jesse LaVercombe plays a former child star, his mother, and his brother, all of whom take part in a tragicomedy about the price of fame. After a sold out run in Toronto, LaVercombe will be premiering his piece at the FringeNYC Festival and he told us a little bit about what went into creating the show: Is it presumptuous to believe the pop star in your show is ba …Read more


Kyle Dean Massey has graced the screen and stage in hits such as Pippin, Xanadu, Nashville, and The Good Wife, and is appearing in Barrington Stage Company’s summer production of The Pirates of Penzance. Massey’s current role as Frederic in this humorous and invigorating revival of Joseph Papp’s Broadway production tells the tale of a young man forced to be a pirate’s apprentice until he turns 21. …Read more


Junie B.’s Essential Survival Guide to School is a bright and colorful musical for young kids, with plenty of jokes for the grownups, too. Based on the book of the same name by the great Barbara Park, the musical has the title character dispensing advice to youngsters who may be fearful about starting school. She is an expert, after all, having just completed first grade. I found that the presenta …Read more


Hieronymus Bosch died in 1516 leaving behind precisely two dozen paintings that have filled our dreams and nightmares ever since. In his elaborate triptychs and panels there are visions of hell that give horror movies a run for their money, fantastical creatures part human, part animal playing instruments or serving as instruments of torture are doomed to repeat their miserable actions for all of …Read more

equity anna gunn

Equity opens on investment banker Naomi Bishop (Anna Gunn) in a sushi restaurant with the shots framed so that the slats of the upscale restaurant’s decor look like a cage. Like in any good thriller, the feeling of a cage closing in is an apt opening metaphor for the plot. But this is not just another financial thriller that also happens to have a female lead, and as such, the caged protagonist mi …Read more

shell collector

An ex-professor lives alone in a glorified container in an unpopulated island. He is blind, with only empty beaches and an extensive, carefully curated, shell collection to keep him company. He appears perfectly content in his isolation until, one day, a woman washes up on his beach; a washed out painter with a maimed hand and nothing left to live for. As she takes up residence in his container an …Read more

A scene from Paradiso: Chapter 1, an immersive thriller created and directed by Michael Counts, happening at an undisclosed location in NYC. Photo by Caleb Sharp.

Look, I’m as gung-ho as one could be when it comes to immersive theater. All right, so I’ve historically cringed at the “do we have any volunteers in the audience?” question, but I’ve always been the first to suggest a murder mystery dinner party, and the last to break character. Add my undying love …Read more

John G. Williams (as Shepard Mallory) and Ames Adamson (as Benjamin Butler) in Richard Strand’s BUTLER, directed by Joseph Discher, at 59E59 Theaters. Photo by Carol Rosegg

Richard Strand’s Butler, making its New York debut with the New Jersey Repertory Company at 59E59 Theaters, is, we are told, based on real events.  Elegantly directed by Joseph Discher, the well-written play takes place within the first year of the American Civil War. Lawyer turned Major General, Be …Read more

Credit: Ana Margineanu

Imagine being in a long term relationship with someone who you see every day. By now you know all their quirks, tics and pet peeves. You know how they take their coffee, what their favorite song is, what side of the bed they prefer, and you can even complete their sentences. Your love for them has b …Read more

Photo credit: Russ Rowland

A Scythe of Time, an impressive new musical and part of the 2016 New York Musical Festival, combines expert storytelling with a musically complex score and an absolutely superb cast.  Based on two short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, How to Write a Blackwood Article and A Predicament, it succeeds in ac …Read more