IMG_0150 DOLL'S HOUSE Maggie Lacey photo by Gerry Goodstein

While many actors only dream of starring in classic productions by Strindberg and Ibsen, Maggie Lacey has hit the thespian jackpot by getting to play Laura in The Father and Nora in A Doll’s House, at the same time. Both plays are being done in repertory at Theatre for a New Audience, where under the direction of Arin Arbus they have become the must-see revivals of the season. Ms. Arbus establishe …Read more


In 1996 Jose Llana performed one of the most beautiful renditions of “We Kissed in a Shadown” on the revival of The King and I. It was his Broadway debut. In 2015 he returned to the show, this time as the King, and in 2016, two decades after his debut on the Broadway stage, he’s released his first solo album. And it’s a long time coming, because Llana’s smooth tenor voice is a marvel that deserves …Read more

Carolee and Michael Park in Tuck Everlasting. Photo credit: Joan Marcus

Currently gracing the stage as Angus (“Pa”) Tuck in Tuck Everlasting, screen and stage star Michael Park is perhaps best known for his longstanding role as Jack Snyder on As the World Turns, for which he won two Daytime Emmys. Now, he’s enjoying the chance to immerse himself in the enchanting world of the Tucks, a family who has the ability to live forever. StageBuddy had the chance to speak with …Read more


Even though Carol Reed had his biggest Hollywood success with 1968’s Oliver! For which he won the Best Director Academy Award, one could suggest the industry was just catching up – rather late as is their want – and retroactively honoring him for his work in The Fallen Idol (for which he had also received a directing nomination). But before this turns into a complaint about the inefficiency of fil …Read more


Rooftop Films officially kicked off its twentieth season on May 20th with a program of short films, the first of over fifty outdoor screenings they’ll host this summer. I have to admit, I’m not familiar with most of the films on the docket this year, but in years past Rooftop has earned the benefit of the doubt, consistently finding emerging filmmakers right before they hit it big. In support of t …Read more


When you’re offered an intimate portrait of Anthony Weiner, part of you wonders, “What more is there left to see?” Besides the literal over-exposure of the former New York congressman, the psychological profile of Weiner isn’t exactly opaque either. He is brash, attention-seeking, theatrical, vain, and charming. In other words, he is a politician. The documentary, Weiner, made by an ex-staffer, Jo …Read more

The Father. Photo credit: Gerry Goodstein.

The power dynamics of marriage have never tasted so bitter. With Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and August Strindberg’s The Father playing in repertory at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center, two Scandinavian playwrights hold a mirror up to the institution of marriage, and Theatre For A New Audience has …Read more

Credit: David Andrako

Even though Malika (Anyanwu) was born female, she only felt she was herself until she became Messiah (Tanisha Thompson) a DJ and aspiring rapper who happens to be male. Now Malika has to face a world that rejects Messiah, but soon will discover that one of Messiah’s biggest enemies is probably himse …Read more

Credit: Joan Marcus

If John Doyle is well known for his minimalist productions, then his adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt is downright molecular. He distilled the Norwegian playwright’s massive five act epic, into a mere two hours of surrealism, proto-naturalism, folk storytelling and social satire that show off …Read more

Credit: Jenny Anderson

Les Covert (Rob Maitner) must have spent a lot of time watching Alfred Hitchock’s Rear Window, because his MO is straight out of the 1954 classic. He dedicates his free time – of which he seems to have a lot – staring from his modest window apartment, to the luxury building he wishes to live in some …Read more