Leslye Headland’s Bachelorette returns to New York for a limited engagement from September 8-17, the immersive theatrical experience will play at Walker Space where audience members will become entangled in the chaos leading up to Becky’s wedding. We spoke with director Hannah T. Wolff about taking on Headland’s iconic play, the meaning of weddings, and finding the right tone for a comedy. What a …Read more


Drinking two or more beers (or any other drinks) while seeing theatre could very well be a recipe for disaster, but what the clever folks at the New York Shakespeare Exchange have crafted with their ShakesBEER pub crawl would definitely inspire the Bard to write a loving sonnet. A group of wonderful actors take on individual scenes from some of Shakespeare’s most beloved works and perform in diffe …Read more

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Michael Counts is unarguably the Stephen Sondheim of immersive theatre, with each of his unique experiences topping the previous one in terms of scope and imagination. After reinventing bus tours with his now iconic The Ride, Counts has also captured people’s dreams with his opulent operas, and their nightmares with his immersive The Walking Dead experience. Now he’s taken Dante Aligheri’s The Div …Read more


Within the first five minutes of Complete Unknown, we see Rachel Weisz go from being an environmental student looking for a room, to wearing scrubs and calmly asking a patient to breathe in and out, to sitting in a car wearing a business suit, to smiling for a crowd as she’s about to let a magician make her vanish, and telling a man she’s in bed with all about her past as a teacher. The sequence i …Read more

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At her very young age, Ripley Sobo has already starred in films opposite Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Michael Fassbender and Ben Affleck, not to mention she played the title role in the Broadway production of Matilda. Now she gets a chance to headline her very first film, a delightful Nancy Drew-like romp called Ace the Case, in which she played the tough, determined Olivia, a do-gooder …Read more


A fledgling young model is plucked from obscurity to pursue her dreams of stardom in the cutthroat Paris fashion scene in The Model, directed by Mads Matthiesen. Away from her life in Denmark, Emma (played by newcomer and real-life model Maria Palm) meets the less glamorous side of the biz: cramped model apartments, no-nonsense bookers and aching loneliness. After a disastrous shoot with big shot …Read more

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After learning that Christopher Walken never says no to a part he’s offered, down on his luck filmmaker Gavin (Dave Droxler) lies to his producers and tells them he’s cast the Oscar winner in his film. Now, how to find Christopher Walken? The premise of Walken on Sunshine is the material of a 10 min …Read more

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Patrick Burns is a raconteur to be reckoned with. His autobiographical cabaret, From Foster Care to Fabulous, playing at the New York International Fringe Festival’s lounge-y Venue #5 (a basement bar and concert space called Drom), details his travails ping-ponging from one home to another around th …Read more

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Amelia Earhart has been a fascinating figure for adults and kids alike ever since her disappearance in 1937, and as a subject for heroic storytelling there is no sign of her slowing down. The children’s play Amelia and Her Paper Tigers does more than just tell the story of Earhart’s life and mysteri …Read more

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From Rapunzel to Hansel and Gretel, some of the most beloved and well-known tales in the world are the products of the Brothers Grimm and their collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. But not all of the stories these German brothers told have reached the iconic status of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Br …Read more