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Music production services
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Music production services
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We are a music production studio in Milan.
Our services are addressed to a great variety of artists on different levels, with the common target of realizing a quality musical product, starting from their musical ideas and making them part of the creative process.
Arranging and songwriting:
Starting from a scratch, we realize, together with the artist, a complete arrangement around it, enhancing the style of the genre and the project of our clients.
We provide and collaborate with pro musician to record every track the project needs.
Music Production:
Choice of sounds, customization of rhythms and definition of the track, to give character to the song and bring out the idea at the base.
Mix e Mastering:
Professional mix & mastering to guarantee deepness and clarity, delivering a high quality final product, sounding good on every device.
We dispose of a studio in Milan, always available for our clients, but we’re also completely equipped to follow every project remotely, never forgetting to stay close to our artists.

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