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The Parisian Woman
PRICE: Over $40


Located in Manhattan
Hudson Theatre
145 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036
Now – Mar 11th, 2018
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Academy Award® nominee Uma Thurman stars in THE PARISIAN WOMAN, a new play written by Academy Award® and Emmy® Award nominee Beau Willimon (“House of Cards”) and directed by Tony Award® winner Pam MacKinnon (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?).

THE PARISIAN WOMAN is set in Washington, D.C., where powerful friends are the only kind worth having, especially after the 2016 election. At the center is Chloe (Uma Thurman), a socialite armed with charm and wit, coming to terms with politics, her past, her marriage and an uncertain future. Dark humor and drama collide at this pivotal moment in Chloe’s life, and in our nation’s, when the truth isn’t obvious and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

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Review: The Parisian Woman

By Emily Gawlak

Beau Willimon, the writer and four-season showrunner of Netflix’s House of Cards, brings his signature brand of dark humor to a new politically-minded show, The Parisian Woman, just beginning a limited run at Broadway’s Hudson Theatre. Directed by Pam McKinnon and featuring an interesting mix of celebrity talent, from A-lister Uma Thurman to Broadway darling Phillipa Soo, the play — inspired by La Parisienne, Henry-François Becque’s work from 1885 — questions how the ambitions and maneuvering of “politics as usual” is altered when our President’s platform is Twitter and left and right seem more divided than ever. Thurman stars as Chloe, the dilettante housewife of Tom (played by a charming Josh Lucas), a successful tax attorney to wealthy politicos who has in turn become quite wealthy himself. From their well-appointed townhouse in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of D.C., the two dream — and brood and plot — about an empty judgeship in the Court of Appeals. Chloe isn’t secret about her distaste for the current administration (nor, for that matter, is the play), but Tom has spent years taking money from anyone on either side of the aisle who could meet his fee, and he feels it’s time …Read more

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