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The Pigeon & The Mouse: The Film
Dance, Film, Off-Off
PRICE: Under $20

Rent the film for $15.99 beginning May 4th. The film, once rented, is available to stream for 24 hours. Interested viewers can rent the film until May 30th.

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The Pigeon & The Mouse: The Film
Now – May 30th, 2021
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Welcome to Campfire, the story-making platform of former Sleep No More performers Ingrid Kapteyn and Tony Bordonaro, will release their latest creation “The Pigeon & The Mouse: The Film” on May 4th. It is available to pre-order NOW!

An apocalyptic tale that, in an almost prophetic twist, was conceived of before the pandemic, “The Pigeon & The Mouse” is a love story for our time. The film, immersive even through the barrier of a screen, follows the incongruous tempo of disaster. Real, raw and vulnerable, it is a twenty-minute summation of what it has felt like to weather this pandemic, taking viewers through the swells of love and hate, terror and boredom, intimacy and distance. Working within the constraints of Covid but not compromising on quality, Welcome to Campfire has woven a tapestry of imagery and music, dance and theater, sci-fi and fable that reminds us what we all know to be true: art is a means of survival.

After premiering “The Pigeon & The Mouse” live in January 2020 to sold-out audiences, Kapteyn and Bordonaro found a way to honor their commitment to live performance despite pandemic limitations. Using art as their own survival tool, they have managed to safely perform the danceplay fourteen times since the premiere, including at Arts On Site as part of the ARTS ALIVE series; on the outdoor terrace of the Manhattan Plaza apartment complex in Midtown; and behind The Empty Circle gallery’s glass storefront in Gowanus. “The Pigeon & The Mouse: The Film” is the latest iteration of a work that saw them through the difficulties of the last year, a performance that can be shared across Covid barriers. Made in collaboration with filmmaker Daniel Robinson, the film also features original work by visual artists Olya Dubatova and Levon Petrosyan and an original song by Daniel Henri Edmond. It will be available to rent on VimeoPro until May 30th.

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