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March 7, 2014
2014 Bistro Awards Red Carpet and Bistro Award hosts Kevin Scott Hall and Tanya Holt run the Red Carpet at the 2014 Bistro Awards, NYC.

Appearing at the Red Carpet were the legendary Ben Vereen, Anita Gillette, Julie Wilson, William Blake, Robert Creighton, Jillian Laurain, Tanya Moberly, Vickie Phillips, Billie Roe, Elaine St. George, Amy Wolk, Karen Wyman, Barry Levitt, Don & Christine Rebic, Jim Speake, Barritt Taylor, Amy Beth Williams, Edith & Ervin Drake, Sharon Clark, Joey Infante, Bobbie Horowitz, Tommy & Lisa D’Antonio, Richie Eisenberg, Pam Lewis, Charles Trvenski, Jeff Harnar, Ricky Ritzel, Richie Eisenberg, Pam Lewis, Kim Grogg, Marnie Klar, Eddie Bruce, Dana Lorge, Joseph Macchia, Beth Fal, Steven Waltkins, Vicki Sander, Larry Kerchner, Tonya Pinkins.

For more on the Bistro Awards, check out our videos of Best Musical Comedy Performer Amy Wolk's hysterically funny performance and Best Vocalist Sharon Clark.


Ben Vereen, Anita Gillette and more talk on the Red Carpet.

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