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August 27, 2015
FringeNYC Review: The Submarine Show
Photo credit: Eric Gillet
Photo credit: Eric Gillet

A funny, wacky, pantomime-like performance, The Submarine Show at the New York International Fringe Festival is non-stop laughs. Co-creators and co-performers Jaron Hollander (formerly of Cirque du Soleil) and Slater Penney (an Emmy Award winner for motion capture work) employ the very best of mime, slap-stick and cartoon sequences all the while creating a vocal soundtrack to guide the audience through a journey under and above the sea.

There isn't a moment in The Submarine Show that doesn't have us laughing or wondering what's next for the two sailors who are trying to re-start their stuck submarine. The show is interactive, and right from the beginning the audience is guided through an emergency situation where we all practice putting on an imaginary oxygen mask. The two performers, in matching red and white striped sailor tops and near identical glasses, do the entire show without any sets. They mime the submarine and an array of creatures and objects, causing the audience’s imagination to kick in. We thus become a crucial part of the show.

The Submarine Show has toured around nationally and internationally since 2009 winning the “Best in Best” at the San Francisco International Fringe Festival, “Best of Fringe” at the Kanas City Fringe Festival and “Hot Pick” by the Edinburgh Scotsman.  Without a doubt, the performers give it their all in this fast-paced, acrobatic, physically challenging piece that will leave you with a new appreciation of imaginative physical performances.

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Written by: Inna Tsyrlin
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