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December 5, 2016
Review: Are You Serious? – A Woman of a Certain Age Inquires
Photo: Flash Rosenberg
Photo: Flash Rosenberg

Tulis McCall’s one-woman show Are You Serious? -- A Woman of a Certain Age Inquires is one of those rare gems you come across in theatre. Her show is a 50-minute look at the inevitable passing of time and how she found herself unprepared to be a woman of a certain age, or WCA. McCall is hilarious and thoughtful, with a brutal honesty that makes you sit up and notice. I wasn’t the only one who walked away with a bit of a changed outlook on life. Not only is she a WCA, but also a passionate and strong playwright and performer not to be missed!

She is playing one more performance at the Cornelia Street Café on Sunday, December 11th -- go!

The Cornelia Street Café
29 Cornelia Street, NYC 10014
Phone: 212.989.9319

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Written by: Susan Bell
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