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November 10, 2023
Review: The Right to Cabaret

"The Right to Cabaret" at The Green Room 42 on November 4th, 2023, was a delightful and captivating cabaret experience that left the audience thoroughly entertained and engaged. This unique show showcased a talented ensemble of performers, including Hillary Rollins, MaryJo Mundy, Alexis Gach, Natalie Douglas, Ava Nicole Frances, John Forster, and a special appearance by a surprise performer selected at random. The show was skillfully helmed by Music Director Alex Rybeck.

The Series: "The Right to Cabaret" emerged from the heart of Los Angeles in 2019 as a dynamic response to the underrepresentation of the art form of cabaret in that city, customarily presents three guest performers in the categories of seasoned artist, songwriter, and up and comer. The show also features “Sing By The Seat of Your Pants,” a chance for an audience member to get up on stage and strut their stuff. The evening ends with a sing-along for all.

Venue: The Green Room 42  is located in the 4th Floor of YOTEL, a suprisingly charming and intimate setting for the cabaret, and the welcoming staff created a warm atmosphere for the audience.

Performance: The hosts, Hillary Rollins, MaryJo Mundy, and Alexis Gach, brought both humor and warmth to the stage. Their harmonious vocals and camaraderie set a vibrant tone for the evening. Hillary Rollins' original songs, delivered with humor and thoughtfulness, showcased her exceptional talent. Alexis Gach's rendition of "If" by Comden, Stein & Greene was a standout, showcasing her vocal prowess. MaryJo Mundy, a diminutive woman with a powerful voice, impressed with her rendition of Sondheim's "Move On."

The special guest, Ava Nicole Frances, proved to be a rising star, enchanting the audience with her beautiful voice. John Forster's entertaining original songs, particularly "Marion," which humorously references different towns in Massachusetts, were a delightful addition.

Natalie Douglas ( two-time Bistro, Nightlife, and thirteen-time MAC Award Winner),  delivered mesmerizing performances. Her rich, soulful voice and emotional interpretation of songs like "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and "I Don't Feel Like Loving You" left the audience spellbound.

The addition of a surprise performer, chosen by drawing a name from a hat, added a unique and interactive element to the show, making the audience feel like an integral part of the performance.

Alex Rybeck, the music director, played an essential role in making the show a resounding success. His exceptional piano skills and ability to support the performers added depth and richness to the musical experience.

"The Right to Cabaret" was an unforgettable evening of music, laughter, and camaraderie. The talented ensemble of performers, coupled with the show's innovative format, made it a truly unique and engaging experience. The cabaret's blending of humor, emotion, and incredible musicality created a lasting impression on the audience. The only disappointment was that there was only one surprise singer due to time constraints. Nonetheless, "The Right to Cabaret" left the audience eager for more, and we can only hope that this talented group of performers will return to New York City to share their gifts once again.

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