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Author: Alastair Wharton


 Alastair has 13 articles

After 20 years and much anticipation Danny Boyle has followed up his 1996 ode to addiction Trainspotting with a sequel that is every bit as eclectic and vibrant as its predecessor, but doesn’t quite capture the sense of vitality and innovation that m …Read more

At this point, The Church of Scientology has been the subject of many a documentary, so it is refreshing to see a film take a new spin on the subject matter the way John Dower’s <em>My Scientology Movie</em> does. UK documentarian Louis T …Read more

It’s nice to see a dude-centric comedy that actually has the nerve to suggest that maybe being a dude isn’t that impressive. Bob Castrone makes this point in Flock of Dudes, which stars Chris D’Elia as Adam, a thirty-something man whose life is basic …Read more

Never has there been better subject matter for a mockumentary than the faking of the moon landing, as explored in Operation Avalanche, a new film by Matt Johnson. This comedy/thriller sees two young CIA agents in 1967 go undercover at NASA disguised …Read more

What would life be like if we followed through on the desire of just packing up and living in the woods? Captain Fantastic, directed by Matt Ross asks this question as well as what would happen if you then raised a family. Viggo Mortensen plays Ben t …Read more

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