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February 25, 2022
Mostly Marlene – Kim David Smith at Joes Pub

Highly recommended by the editors at StageBuddy! – Don't miss an exciting show this coming Sunday, February 28th at 930pm.  StageBuddy says "Go out and see" Kim David Smith's return to Joe's Pub as he performs live and records a new live-album recording.  Be part of the event!

The show is called "Mostly Marlene", and as the name implies, there's a healthy dose of Dietrich material. But expect some Minogue and more as only the ever-entertaining Mr. Smith can do.  See his website at:

And link to the event site and tickets at:

Event Info:

Mostly Marlene – Kim David Smith

In Manhattan at Joe’s Pub

This Event already happened

See the full Event Page
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Written by: StageBuddy
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