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March 4, 2018
The 14th Street Y 2018 Annual PURIM Gala Raised More Than $355,000

On Thursday, March 1, 2018, the 14th Street Y hosted its 2018 PURIM Gala at Cipriani, 25 Broadway, NYC, raising more than $355,00. Proceeds from the Gala help to advance the 14th Street Y's mission as a hub of creativity, community programming, and Jewish culture in downtown Manhattan, providing scholarships, developing enrichment programs, and enhancing the lives of more than 26,000 people who walk through the doors each year.

An incredible show of support from the community, more than 250 attendees gathered for cocktails, dinner, and entertainment as the 14th Street Y honored founding Board Member and philanthropist Harvey Schulweis. The Gala was held at Cipriani, 25 Broadway, NYC. In keeping with the time-honored Purim tradition of masquerade, guests were invited to indulge in wearing Purim-inspired masks and accessories.

"It is no exaggeration to say that Harvey Schulweis is the linchpin that allowed the renewal of the 14th Street Y, and the renaissance of Downtown Jewish life, to succeed," said Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein, Executive Director of the 14th Street Y.

"And now we are entering the next phase. The success of the Y and its incredible growth has led to a challenge that we have the privilege to address. We are outgrowing our building and need to explore how and where to find a new home that can house the downtown JCC of the 21st Century," said Harvey Schulweis, Chair Emeritus of the 14th Street Y.

As they entered, guests were welcomed with an art exhibition, Portraits of the 14th Street Y by Bridget Badore, featuring images of honoree Harvey Schulweis, the Gala Co-Chairs, and members of the 14th Street Y community. The cocktail hour continued with the jazz and global sounds of the band SHA'AR, who set the tone for the evening. Comedian, actor, writer, singer and 14th Street Y After-School staff member Rachel Pegram provided a genuine, comic introduction to the program as dinner began. Cirque-tacular presented a breath-taking rendition of The Story of Purim through one-of-a-kind live art and acrobatic performances by stilt walkers and aerial acrobats soared through Cipriani's. As honoree Harvey Schulweis received his award, a beautiful Seder plate by artist Marc Chagall was presented to him by his good friend, James Schreiber. The evening concluded with an impromptu Hora and dance party, with music by DJ Rabbi Darkside, and guests left with delicious hamentashen courtesy of Colson Patisserie.

"I'm someone who deeply appreciates the 14th Street Y not just for what it gives the greatest city in the world, New York City, but my own family as well," said Alan van Capelle, President and CEO of Educational Alliance.

The 14th Street Y isa vibrant community center grounded in the belief that contemporary Jewish sensibilities can be a source of inspiration, connection, and learning for the individuals and families it serves throughout New York City's East Village and beyond.

Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. Celebrated with feasts, drink and revelry, it celebrates standing up for what you believe in and calls us to honor others through giving gifts and charity.


DINNER CO-CHAIRS: Renée and Tom Brodie, Susan Etess and Howard Zimmerman, Cristian Goodhart, Joseph Persky

GALA HOST COMMITTEE: Darcy Bradbury and Dolores Seiler, Laura and Mark Doman, Dr. Carola Garson and Ryan Garson, Sara Gubins and Michael Bijaoui, Ronit Muszkatblit and Yonatan Israel, Linda and Eric Perlmutter, Anne F. Pollack, Ludmilla and Jacques Raphael, Alissa Dicker Schrieber, Caroline and Jason Schulweis, Scott and Keri Schundler, Janna and Michael Stern, Pauline and Alan Weinstein, Elana and Andrew Zimmerman, Harron Zimmerman

THE 14TH STREET Y BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Joseph Persky, Chair; Harvey Schulweis, Chair Emeritus; Peter Bernstein, Renée Brodie, Ryan Garson*, Ilana Goldman, Cristian Goodhart, Sara Gubins, Rafael Hines, Yonatan Israel, Brooke Carleton Paduano, Jacques Raphael, Janna Fishman Stern, Jeffrey A. Tischler, Sally Wasserman, Pauline Weinstein, Howard Zimmerman

EDUCATIONAL ALLIANCE: Erica Tishman, Chairman, Board of Trustees; Alan van Capelle, President & CEO

14TH STREET Y EXECUTIVE STAFF:Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein, Executive Director; Jordan Brackett, Associate Executive Director for Planning and Advancement; Alan Scher, Associate Executive Director for Programs; Lauren Savage, Associate Executive Director for External Engagement

HONOREE: Harvey Schulweis
Harvey Schulweis is President of Schulweis Realty, Inc., a real estate investment and asset management company in New York City. Before founding Schulweis Realty, Mr. Schulweis was Chairman and Chief Executive of The Town and Country Trust, a publicly traded real estate investment trust from 1991-2006. From 1978 through 1990, he was a General Partner of Lazard Frères & Co. and President of Lazard Realty, Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary. Mr. Schulweis is active in a number of philanthropic and professional organizations. In addition to serving as the Chairman of The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous for the past thirty years, he is currently a board member of the Baruch College Fund and serves as chairman of its real estate committee, Chairman Emeritus of the 14th Street Y and is a Vice-President, member of the Board and of the Executive Committee of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

About the 14th Street Y:
The 14th Street Y is a vibrant community center grounded in the belief that contemporary Jewish sensibilities can be a source of inspiration, connection, and learning for the individuals and families we serve throughout New York City's East Village and beyond. With a health and wellness center, childhood, parenting and adult education and enrichment programs, and an innovative arts and culture department, the 14Y is committed to the development of the whole person and bettering people's lives by strengthening family connections and building inclusive and sustainable communities.

Proceeds from the Gala help us advance our mission as a hub of creativity, community programming, and Jewish culture in downtown Manhattan. They enable us to provide scholarships, develop enrichment programs, and enhance the lives of more than 26,000 people who walk through our doors each year. The 14th Street Y is proud to be a part of Educational Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a 128-year history of serving New Yorkers downtown.

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