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May 18, 2017
The Artist Co-Op, a New Working Space Where Creativity is the Rule of the Land

Rachel Berger is a working actor who was tired of having meeting in cafes, parks and libraries, which is why she decided the best way to find a space for her creativity to blossom was to set one up herself. She created The Artist Co-Op (500 West 52nd St, 3W; New York, NY 10019) a shared workspace for New Yorkers in the arts looking for a place to sit down and get to work without daily life interruptions. The ample space has shared working areas, business amenities like fax and printers, locker rentals, a resource library that would make theatre geeks rejoice, as well as two rehearsal studios where Berger envisions opera singers working on their arias, playwrights giving the finishing touches to a scene, and dancers perfecting their latest choreography.

Memberships start at $75 per month and include access to all the amenities (including 1-8 hours of reserved rehearsal space), at the launch party Berger spoke of seeing The Artist Co-Op become a headquarter for creators, perhaps a future Tony-winning musical might get started by having a composer and a lyricist run into each other at the coffee machine? Or a playwright will be inspired to write the perfect closing line by meditating on the comfortable orange couches?

Here are more images of the space:


For more information on The Artist Co-Op click here.

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