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December 5, 2015
Interview: Megan McGinnis on ‘Daddy Long Legs’, the Importance of Cast Recordings and the Sondheim Role Her Husband Dreams to See Her In


We caught up with Megan McGinnis, the bright star of the lovely Off-Broadway musical Daddy Long Legs, who talked about her favorite things about doing the show, the Sondheim parts she'd love to play, and why cast recordings are so important.

You've been playing Jerusha all over the country, for quite some time now, how are you able to keep the performance fresh and discover new things about her after all this time?

My favorite thing about doing a show every night and for an extended period of time is the challenge of keeping it fresh. Jerusha is filled with so many thoughts, so much wonderment and imagination - and she goes through such a journey in the four years we see of her. It’s very easy to feel that it’s new every night. Also, because I interact with the audience throughout the show (they are essentially my scene partner the whole night), they provide a different energy that changes my performance every night.

Over the past year, there have been three Leslie Caron movies turned into musicals. Were you intimidated to play on a part Leslie Caron had taken on in the movie version? Do you use other actresses' work to inspire your own?

I’m a huge Leslie Caron fan, but our show is not like the movie at all, so I didn’t actually associate Ms. Caron with it. The musical is a very faithful adaptation of the book, whereas the movie is incredibly different. I couldn’t even compare the two, actually! But absolutely, other actresses’ work inspire me constantly! It’s the best thing about being in this business - I get to meet and work with so many incredible actors and actresses. I get to learn every day, just by watching others!

What is the importance of doing a cast recording for a show like this?

I wish every show could have a cast recording! It’s so important to document and preserve shows. And with this show, I couldn’t imagine not letting this score live on forever! It’s also a great tool to get word of the show out into the world. I’m very proud of our recording, and I hope you’ll listen to it!

What are three Sondheim parts you'd love to play.

Oh gosh, well I grew up listening to Into The Woods and desperately wanted to play Little Red! Perhaps Cinderella would be a better choice now. My husband always tells me I should play Dot, in Sunday in the Park with George - and that would certainly be a dream! And for my third, I gotta go with Squeaky Fromme in Assassins - another recording I memorized when I was younger.

Daddy Long Legs is now playing. For tickets and more click here.

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Written by: Jose Solis
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