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March 19, 2017
Review: Gay Marshall at Pangea
Photo: Albie Mitchell

Gay Marshall is the resident expert on Edith Piaf. Resident of where? Hmmm… New York for certain. Perhaps worldwide. For several years she’s put on terrific Cabaret shows based on Piaf that doesn’t copy the French chanteuse, but exudes a love and passion that I would invite anyone not familiar with Piaf to watch, because after an evening with Marshall, they would walk away fans (of both women!).

Now she has a new show, not so much about Piaf , but about France itself. The songs do tend to be heavy (they are French after all!), but as she takes us on an entertaining tour of her personal life and travels, her bouncy and lighthearted storytelling balance out the evening. It's a very rich and vibrant show from a very talented performer.

Go see her at Pangea while she’s still there. You’ll truly enjoy the show!

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Written by: Evan Seplow
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