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July 9, 2013
First Look at "Feather"

NYMF is upon NYC with a vengeance, and StageBuddy takes a first look at "Feather," which premieres tonight at the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre. The multimedia musical features painting, film, poetry, and spectacular acting.

From stage to screen and past to present, "Feather" follows one couple's relationship through love, heartbreak, and even abduction. Partial proceeds from the paintings created live during each NYMF show will go to Save the Children, a charity intent on combating childhood poverty and hunger. StageBuddy caught up with producer, composer, and actress Charleene Closshey, actor Richard H. Blake, and painter Jeffry Feefer to discuss the unique challenges and rewards surrounding a show with such diverse methods and goals.

"Feather" runs from July 9th-16th, and for more information on this and all other NYMF shows, check the full listing on Stagebuddy. Check out our interview below:


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Written by: Doran Saul
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