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November 18, 2013
New Webseries: Headshots and Breakdowns

"Headshots and Breakdowns" is everything you want and more in a comedic web series.  It follows a young actor, John Graham, in his pursuit of fame and fortune as he deals with the move to the Big Apple, roommate problems, the quest to be fit, auditions, and working at an upscale Day Care Center to pay the rent.  Check out the trailer here.

Each episode of "Headshots and Breakdowns" starts with John creating a vlog that leads up to his day in the city.  John Graham has excellent timing and his circumstances unfold in a delightful manner.  With a fantastic supporting cast including Jimmy Palumbo, Angela Di Carlo, Marcus Callender, and Leah Garland, among others, "Headshots and Breakdowns" is the perfect webseries to add to your line up of web entertainment.  Catch the latest episode below:



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Written by: Glenn Quentin
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