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May 17, 2016
Review: Crude
Credit: Jenny Anderson
Credit: Jenny Anderson

Is it possible for the relationship between an environmental do-gooder and hotshot oil advocate with a family legacy at stake to survive in this crazy mixed-up world? In Crude, “Younger’s” Nico Tortorella stars as Jaime, formerly a documentary filmmaker, now working for the family business, an oil company; his wife Brittany (Eliza Huberth), meanwhile, is the director of a wetlands foundation passionate about saving the planet. A huge oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico, for which Jaime's company is responsible, causes discord in their relationship. Their chemistry is electric as they butt heads on every decision, from career choices to caring for their dog, Ralph, leaving the audience eager to discover who will win the power struggle.

The play, by Jordan Jaffe, pits societal issues such as environmental responsibility against the ugly realities of the corporate world and its money-driven agenda. The oil spill brings out the true colors of Britt and Jaime’s relationship -- now finding themselves on opposite sites of an issue, they find it difficult to come together as a family unit. Jaime’s work buddy, Aaron (played by W. Tre Davis), always looking to have a good time, provides comic relief as tensions swell. His crude sense of humor and crazy solutions to Jaime’s work and marital woes -- along with the insights of trusty dealer, Manny (Jose Joaquin Perez) -- keep audiences in stitches.

Under Kel Haney’s tactical direction, Crude challenges audiences to consider what is worth fighting for. This dark comedy boldly makes a statement about the struggle of staying true to one’s identity and values – and how failing to do so can be the reason one's life goes up in flames.

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Written by: Courtney Marie
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